Monday, January 30, 2017

Burda Style 09/2016#125 Blue and Gold Version.

Hello my friends!

I took photos for two blog posts today and since I have already blogged about this pattern before, I decided that this one was the easiest to start with since I didn't have that much new to add. 
It IS Monday after all!

So this is another Burda Style 09/2016#125. Previously blogged HERE.

It's funny how this one looks bigger than the two previous ones. Although this is also French Terry like the other two, this must be a more stretchy type.

I decided that I wanted to put the turtleneck on this dress from the sister pattern 09/2016#124. I found this knit rib in my stash and the color was peeeerfect....but the recovering was not. The neckline is quite wide, so I needed a knit that both can stretch out to that wide neckline and at the same time recover back to my neck. This was not it, haha. So I couldn't get the 'real' high turtleneck, it simply didn't look good. So I shortened it and I totally like this too. It actually looks the same as the model in the pattern listing but I think they have double folded her's?! 

Of course if I had been bit more on the ball I would have made the neckline smaller while cutting but...well, I wasn't! 

You can almost see here that the beige fabric is in fact golden. It was a leftover piece and I'm so happy that I ended up with something for myself in with this fabric. It was originally all intended to be for me but then two swan dresses needed saving from my poor fabric calculation skills and I ended up sacrificing it for that project. Read more about it HERE in case you are interested, ha.

Pretty plain from the back.


And I think that's all there is to say which I didn't already say the last time I blogged about this style. Maybe I could add that if there is a time where you want to match up some seams that sleeve to front bodice stripe is a good fight to take. It will really stand out if they don't meet up.

Thank you!



  1. Love this color on you! The dress looks great, the golden stripes are so good with the blue! You know my love for the turtlenecks. 😬😬

  2. Love, love those chevron stripes- good work matching everything up!!

  3. Impeccable ! You look amazing and your results are always so professional!

  4. Looks like a great comfy dress to wear. Would look cool with tights too:)

    1. I was totally wearing tights (it IS winter after all here in the Northern hemisphere ;-) but there was so much static electricity in the air that the dress was sticking to the tights every time I moved, LOL. So to save myself a lot of trouble during the shoot I took them off :-) And it is SO comfortable!

  5. This is gorgeous and looks so good on you! Love this fabric combo! <3 Happy you still had a bit of gold to make it but I have to say it was also a perfect fit for the beautiful swan dresses. <3 Hope the other photos you took today were of a certain cardigan I saw on IG the other day :D dead curious to see it!

  6. Loved the first dress, love this one also. The colours go so well together. A bit of gold is perfect for Monday (or Wednesday when I finally get to read your post haha). Why or why do knits behave in such naughty way at times haha BUt the neckline definitely worked this way.

  7. I absolutely LOVE this dress and the colors you chose. I have this pattern but never considered trying it before seeing your version :)

  8. I'm totally amazed you took the time to make those stripes. You are so good at what you do.


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