Monday, April 25, 2016

The Inari Dress - Named.

I feel a bit like I'm the last sewing blogger on earth blogging the Inari Dress by Named.
Of course I'm not, but I'm definitely late for the party. BUT better late than never, right!

I'm definitely happy that I finally got around to buying the pattern (which I have wanted for so long but was not sure would suit me) during a great sale on Indie Sew. And as soon as the pattern was in house the rest went with record speed. I started printing an afternoon and that same evening I was almost done. I barely ever work in a continuous flow like that but it was glorious. 

Normally I spend ages trying to decide/figure out which size to make, in which fabric and if I find things with the pattern that I'm not so happy with I usually leave the sewing room for a little break haha.

Well, I guess I was in a deciding mode because I quickly decided to cut a size 40 with no changes to the pattern at all. And to do it in this not-very-stretchy grey knit with a narrow gold lurex stripe bought at Imagine Gnats.

And there was absolutely no reasons to leave the sewing room to cool off because in my opinion this pattern is pure perfection. 

I was a little worried that it was 'just' a long tee pattern but I definitely feel it was worth the money (also full price) when I got a closer look.

I love how the back piece is bigger than the front, so the side seams twist slightly to the front. It shows of the different length slits beautifully.
They have also managed to get the cocoon shaped perfectly balanced. It's subtle but it is definitely there. Way to go Named!

And I absolutely LOVE how they have drafted the sleeve pattern curved so it doesn't stick out from so much from the arm like a more 'square' sleeve does.

Because of my height it is rather short on me (no surprise there). Or I should say it's a perfect-for-skinny-jeans length.
The minimal stretch in the material also made it a tiny bit tight in the hips. You can't see it when I adjust it and stand still but as soon as I move it starts creeping up a bit. Not so bad that I won't wear it but I added a bit in the hips for the next time and that helped.

And here is the next one. And as you can see it is longer (I added 10 cm / 4") to the length. I also did a highly random adding-width-to-the-bottom-part-while-cutting operation and hey, that worked out pretty good, phew.

I made in this glorious double layer cotton jersey knit from Robert Kaufman, also bought at Imagine Gnats.

This fabric is more stretchy which is clear when you see how much bigger it on my upper body where I did no pattern changes compared to the dark grey one.

Despite how soft and lovely this double layer knit is, it does not have a lot of drape and I joked on social media during sewing that this might end up as a Moomin costume for next halloween. Luckily I think it worked out as an everyday dress!

This dress is SO crazy soft and comfortable and it is already in heavy rotation.

The striped knit rib I used for the neckline and sleeve is from Organic Cotton Plus.

Get your own Inari Dress HERE.

Thank you!


  1. Love them both, it's perfect everyday style for me! The dark grey knit is super cool! And you're not the last, there's always me right haha <3

  2. I guess Ines and I are the last ones! But this looks like something I would wear and have on heavy rotation too. I love both version but the grey is all kinds of wonderful! I love the added length. You look amazing.

  3. I agree with you, it's a great pattern! I've made two dresses and a top from it and the fit is always on the spot! Love both your dresses and this shape works very well on you! ;-)

  4. Looks like a fantastic pattern, the style of it suits you so much. I fully agree about it being glorious to get that rare continuous flow.

  5. I love the striped binding. What cozy dresses!

  6. Gosh your sewing is impeccable! And I just bought that same fabric (black and gold) from Imagine Gnats! It looks great on you!


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