Thursday, April 7, 2016

Savannah Button Down Shirt by Wardrobe by Me.

Today I have another pattern from Wardrobe By Me for you. This time the Savannah Button Down Shirt.


I was immediately attracted to this style when I was browsing the website to choose which patterns to review. And when I realized that it came with a knit collar option I was totally sold. I still love when you can add a little sporty detail to an otherwise classic style.

I wasn't so sold when I saw these photos though. UGH! I don't feel they give as good an impression of the pattern that I feel it deserves. It is a GREAT pattern and it was so fun to sew it.

As much as I love wearing the thin voile I made it in, it does not photograph very well. It looks like it has never seen an iron, ha. It's nothing I cry over in daily life but apparently I have different standards when I'm blogging. My eyes also kept looking at that top button and wishing I had pulled down the shirt, so the button ended up at the top of the buttonhole as it should, ugh.

OKAY, I got all that out of my system now....let's move on!!

I love that classic shirt curved hem.

You can make the pattern in three lengths - blouse, tunic and dress.

This is the tunic length but because I'm 178 cm (5'10") I think this shows almost where the blouse length would go for more average height people.
I'm dying to make a dress version (with added length, hehe) and probably wear with a belt.

I love a good classic yoke. The pattern calls for only one layer of the yoke and that made me wonder, because in a classic shirt you cut two and then hide the seams inside the double layered yoke. So I asked Christina the designer and she explained that it was a choice she made to include more levels of sewing experience. I respect that but on the either hand don't feel making it double is that difficult a step compared to some of the other steps (although nothing on this shirt is super hard). SO if you are a super beginner make one yoke, otherwise I would recommend you simply cut and sew it double. No big deal at all but I thought I would mention it.

I cut my outer yoke on bias because the fabric is stripy and that makes a great effect but can barely be seen in these photos, argh.

Here is another photo that I have already posted on social media when I made it, gulp, two months ago, ahem. My sewing and my blogging speed are somewhat unbalanced, ha.

It shows how the seams are hidden inside the yoke, it shows the French seams that was a natural choice to sew this thin fabric with and it shows how the seam at the neckline is beautifully hidden with bias tape. And I did the stitch of the front plackets and the neckline bias tape in one go. Just for the fun of it.

Oh and if you wonder how to sew a French seam in a sleeve (both set in sleeve or like here where the sleeve is sewn before the bodice and arm side seam are sewn in one go, then see THIS tutorial. (The tutorial starts further down the post so don't get confused when you click over there.)

The pattern calls for one front pocket and I decided to make two. It's obviously choices and options like this that makes sewing fun. You can get it exactly the way you want it and for this fabric and style I simply liked the look of two pockets the best.

The fabric is this delicious thin cotton voile in a thin blue/white stripe from Organic Cotton Plus. And the buttons, oh the buttons are THESE amazing light blue lovelies from Mood Fabrics. It's funny because I actually didn't realize they were plastic before I was writing this post and went back to find them again, so I could link to them. I actually thought the blue was some sort of enamel. Oh well, they look great for sure!

And talking about buttons. I posted a shank button sewing tips on social media while sewing this shirt but in case you missed it, I'm bring it here too.
Sorry for the grainy shot but it was taken with my cellphone at night time (in front of the TV where I do all my hand sewing).
SO the tip is to align the shank with the direction of the buttonhole. That way the buttonhole is not forced open by the shank. It's a very very small detail but they all count in the final result.

The sleeves are finished in a classic way too with a bias covered slit, two small pleats and a cuff.

Okay, that's all. I seriously love this pattern and I have already worn this shirt a lot. In fact I'm wearing it right now as I'm typing this. And this will not be the last time this pattern will make an appearance on this blog.

Get your own Savannah Shirt Pattern HERE.

Thank you!


  1. This is seriously perfect sewing! Love the collar and the perfect finishes on the inside. So GOOD <3 That shank tip is now recorded on my brain. Thank you. ;)

  2. I love love love this shirt on you Mie. Off to check out the pattern. Thanks for the review.

  3. Perfect sewing, no surprise there, hehe! Love the sporty details! Looks great on you!

  4. I love how the sports collar looks on that shirt.
    I also love the tasseled cord belt, what's its story?

    1. Thank you! No special story for the tassel was crazy on sale and I bought it in two different colors hahaha. From J.Crew.

  5. Such a cool classic look. Sporty and simple. Love it Mie :-)

  6. Although I'm not a fan of button downs for myself, I love this one! The shape of the yoke, the curvy hem, and especially the collar!

  7. The shirt looks so comfortable. Thank you for the link to your tutorial on how to do french seams on the sleeves - it's like you read my mind!

  8. The knit collar is a cool touch.

  9. There is so much goodness in this post. I think I must have read it over 10 times before I finally got around to commenting, ahem. Oops. Needless to say I love this shirt. Classic and classy!!! Juuuuuuuust perfect!!!


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