Monday, April 27, 2015

The Stellar Tunic/Dress by Figgy's Patterns.

I'm continuing sewing my way through Figgy's Patterns' Heavenly Bundled Collection and today I'm showing you The Stellar Tunic/Dress.

And no, I'm not an affiliate or paid in any way by Figgy's - just a fan who is a liiiiiittle behind and is now trying to catch up by sewing it all at once, ha.

The Stellar Tunic is a good example of great design. 
It's a simple style and yet it looks 'different' and sophisticated.
The bodice is for knit fabric and the sleeves are for woven.

This version above is made with this thin baby pink/nude French Terry from Girl Charlee for the bodice (I'm sorry it is already sold do I know? Because I tried to buy more, argh) and the sleeves are made with fabric from the Cookie Book collection by Kimberly Kight from Cotton & Steel.
I love this fabric combination SO much. I had originally cut the woven sleeves together with the navy knit bodice that I'm showing in the next combination but didn't sew it because I was just not sure that I totally loved it. Then I bought the French terry and it all made sense and I cut some new sleeves for the navy knit. And that's when things started to get out of control and I ended up making 4 Stellar Tunics total. I'm showing 3 today. E was not in the photographing mood to show her's off.

I used my new Janome CoverPro to stitch the knit to the sleeve pieces plus for the neck rib and hemming. Man, that thing is nifty.

Here is the navy knit version with the stripy woven poplin.
This version I have made the sleeve like the original pattern where front and back is cut into 4 equal sizes. This gives you the chance to play with patchwork, color block and like here stripes.
I kind of wish the pattern came with both a solid and patchwork option but hey, at least it is easy to tape the pieces together (overlap the SA) and make solid sleeves (like the first version in this post).

I also kind of wish there was no fluffy cat in this photo but again....hey, if that is what makes the 7 year old want to model for me then okay okay, you can hold kitty.

The navy knit fabric is the Laguna Cotton Jersey from Robert Kaufman bought at Imagine Gnats Shop. It's a really great quality knit.

I think the stripe poplin is from but I'm not sure. Sorry!

The red and white knit rib is one of the few things I brought with me from Denmark. From a tiny shop smack in the center of Copenhagen called Skipper Stoffer. It's insanely expensive and an insanely nice quality so at least there is some sort of balance there, ha.

The pattern is not mentioning to line the sleeves like I did here but you totally can. Simply cut 4 front and 4 back sleeve pieces instead of 2 and 2. Close up the inner and outer sleeve (instead of hemming) before you sew the neck rib, and now you can make a little contrast fold up like I did here.
Then you don't have to finish all those seams either. Score!

This was the first Stellar Tunic I made and the reason I lined this one was because I was worried she would find the linen slightly scratchy.

The beautiful linen is from Miss Matatabi, the lining is French blue cotton voile (from ??) and then again Laguna Jersey this time in heather grey.

This time I overlocked my rib knit on and then I simply used my coverstitch to sew a chainstitch to hold down the seam.

I don't have much to say about the pattern. It's simple, it's great. It does not gives you full sewing lessons but shows enough photos and tell you the order of things.

I made my 7 year old daughter a size 6/7 and I think I added a bit of length but arghhh I can't really remember. Duh.

Okay, that's it!
Get your own Stellar Tunic/Dress pattern HERE.

Thank you!

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