Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Seraphic Pants by Figgy's Patterns.

I have sewed another Figgy's pattern. Actually I have sewed two more since I fell in love with the Sunki Dress and ended up buying the Heavenly Bundled Collection that contains 7 Figgy's patterns (which is on sale btw - and no, I'm not an affiliate, just a fan.)
I have made two Stellar Tunics and you will see them as soon as I'm getting around to taking some photos of them - preferably worn by my kids, said kids that would much rather play in the garden now that it is finally spring than standing still and posing for Mommy and her camera. Can't blame them!

And then I have made a pair of Seraphic Pants.
It's a style made for knit fabrics with seams center front and back for fun color block opportunities (you know I never turn those down), a slight dropped crotch together with slight tapered legs creates a great cool vibe and then lovely side pockets.
Overall an insanely comfortable pair of pants that my daughter wore for a full weekend after I finished them - including sleeping in them, ha.

I didn't even mean to make a blog post. We just went to a park that weekend and I brought my camera. While I was sitting at a nearby bench I could see that this might work so I shot like 10 photos of her and 4 of them are in this post. 

Together with a few spring flower photos just as a service for those of you that lives places where spring is just starting now or for those that live places where fall is starting now. You are welcome, ha.

The fabrics are both oh so lovely - AND environmental friendly.
The grey dot is a bamboo knit from Hart's Fabric. I'm giving you a link to all their bamboo knits because really you need to see them all. The drape is peeerfect, it is super soft and it is medium weight so easier to work with (than light weight) but not see-through. I guess the only downside is the price but at least you get value for your money!

The black fabric is something new to me. It is my first time working with fabric made from hemp (and 45% organic cotton) and it is from Organic Cotton Plus. The texture is much different than from the bamboo. More coarse but still soft and drapey. A bit like a linen blend. It's super easy to work with because of the non-slippery texture. And I could see myself using it for tons of things.

I made no changes to the pattern size-wise. This is a size 6/7 on my 7 year old daughter. I think it is the first time I have not had to lengthen a pair of pants for her, woohoo. I originally rolled them up for her because it is already warm outside and it added some extra cool vibes to the pants but the roll-ups did not survive the sandbox. Well, one half roll did as you can see on some of the other photos, ha.

I did make some changes to which sewing techniques I used compared to the ones suggested in the tutorial.

I know many knit patterns are made so everyone can make them - also people who does not have a serger. And that seems like a nice gesture.
But I did not agree with the waistband tutorial. The pattern is giving two alternatives. One will most likely give you quite a lot of troubles because of suggesting to stitch down the knit waistband from the front with a visible stitch (if only it was in the ditch) and the other is leaving a raw seam visible from the outside of the waistband.
So I simply folded the waistband (I did make it a bit smaller since I used rib) and sewed it on with 1 cm seam allowance and then overlocked the raw edge on the inside. This is the most basic and foolproof way to do it I would say.

I also did quite a lot more stitching as you can see but that is totally extras on my account.
Janome America have borrowed me the CoverPro 1000CPX until their new Cover Pro 2000 comes out and I just had to try it out right away. So I played with the overstitch and the chain stitch (at the elastic). SO fun! And I promise I will tell you much more about it at a later time!

And one last thing that I will add under the photo of these random flowers is that I was missing notches since the pattern didn't have any. Especially one VERY important notch that indicates the CF (center front) of the pants. It's kind of hard sewing a zip fly (faux or real) without that. 

BUT the conclusion is clear. My daughter LOVES her Seraphic Pants and I think they look super cool on her. And I will definitely make many more. Maybe try to put elastic at the bottom of the pant legs? Or make them cropped for summer. 

Even my pants-hating youngest daughter requested some but added...."when it is cold again"...which will be in like 6 months. We will see where she stands by then!?

Get your Heavenly Bundled Collection HERE.
or the Seraphic Pants Pattern HERE.

Thank you!


  1. I truly love these. The fabrics must be amazing! They really look great. And your photos, wow this last one is just perfect!! <3 <3 <3 and totally think that elastic on the bottom could look pretty cool. Oh pattern wish list will you ever end? Hehe ;)

  2. Your fabric choice is spot on! I would totally add the elastic on the bottom, it will make them more edgy!

  3. I need a coverstitch and some organic fabric! So awesome, this pattern is looking like a great option. Amazing, as always! <3

  4. They look so cute and so super comfortable. I need a coverstitch machine. Very cool!


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