Monday, December 29, 2014

Sweatshirt Dress

Sooooo once upon a time in the beginning of October I made myself a sweatshirt dress! 
I was happy with the result and was looking forward to wear know as soon as I had blogged about it. Haaaaaa! And here we are in the end of December and like I already wrote on my Facebook page, the finished-not-worn-because-not-blogged-dress had become an inventory of my sewing room that I did not even notice any more. NOT okay! Especially since a dress in this material is not a year around dress for me. 

So while my husband spend the day picking up my sister, niece and nephew from their transatlantic flight 4.5 hours away and driving them back to our house (YAY), I spend the day getting dulled up for some blog photos. I mean what else is there to do 4 days before christmas, right!?

I am not going to pretend that I invented the mix of sweatshirt fleece and lace. I have seen it several places and really liked the contrast. And when I then realized I had this lovely combination of grey cotton sweatshirt fleece (from Girl Charliee) and this cotton greyish lavender (from....okay I have no idea where I got that from) in my stash and I already had a self-drafted pattern that was suitable, I decided to go for it. I have previously made THIS top and THIS dress.

I decided to spoil myself and spend the extra time putting in some pockets in the side seam. A feature I always sort of hate while I sew it and love when I wear it. And since the wearing is a far longer process than the sewing I would say it is worth it!

Aaaaand of course did I not have enough fabric, gah. I was missing like 10 cm/4" for the correct sleeve length. So I decided to add in the lace and I like the result.

Did you notice the seam on the sleeve (see previous photo). If you split up your raglan sleeve in a front and back piece you can make it much better fitting since you can create a curve that follows the shoulder's curve with that seam. You don't necessary have to make the seam all the way down the sleeve to your wrist like I did. You could also make the seam sort of like a dart - but cut away the extra fabric down to your preferred seam allowance and finish the seam with a serger so the seam is not too bulky.

Oh, those purple suede shoes....I can't stop thinking of Prince every time I wear them.....which is not a bad thing since I loooove that man, ha.

And this photos reminds me that something was in the air that day.....the skirt was clinging to my tights ahhhhh.

Thank you for stopping by!

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