Thursday, December 4, 2014

Princess Knit Dresses.

This Thanksgiving we went on our first ever trip to Disney World.
There was just about a thousand things I did not know about Disney World and one of those things were that it is quite common that little girls that are into such things dresses as princesses when they visit. 
I can't say I was surprised but had I not seen THIS post from the goddess of all sewing bloggers Jessica from Me Sew Crazy my knit stash would still had been packed with knit in all these questionable colors and my girls would have worn leggings and t-shirts or something else non-princessey (ay ay ay).

The girls got two each (W got Sleeping Beauty and Arial. E got Rapunzel and Snow White).
The funny thing is that when I read Jessica's post, she says that she could have just kept sewing them and I remember thinking 'Yeah, right....really?' And suddenly I found myself surrounded by knit in all colors and I made them all in just a few days. They totally were super fun (and easy!) to sew.

I have a post about the original pattern HERE.
My skirt is simply the peplum with extended length. The bodice is the original pattern (though color blocked at the front). The biggest change I did was to the sleeves. First I added puff, both at the top and bottoms and afterwards cut the sleeve pattern into 6 panels for stripy sleeves.

They absolutely LOVE their dresses and E has already worn her Show White dress to preschool after we came home.

These photos are taken in front of The Grand Florian Resort in Disney. 
We were there for a character breakfast which was so much fun.

Everyone told me to book those character dining events a LONG time ahead if we wanted to do that and yet I called 3-4 weeks before we left - gah. Everything was of course booked.....buuuut the nice lady managed to get us a reservation via someone else cancellation at this Mad Hatter breakfast and I'm SO happy we by coincidence ended up there.

The place is STUNNING.
Here is a photo from the foyer - gulp.

SO we meet Mary Poppins - the ONLY character on the whole trip that E wanted to have her photo taken with.
The other characters at the breakfast was Tigger, Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland and of course the Mad Hatter.
And do you know what....the food was good too!

And then it was time for Magic Kingdom.
I don't have a full photo of E's Snow White dress. The temps took at giant dip down that day and we wore several layers of our too-cold-summer-clothes to keep warm.

But I do have THIS photo that I posted on Instagram a couple of weeks ago.

For W the number one priority was to meet Arial - yes, because she has red hair too. And luckily it was the first thing sweet Arial noticed, phew.
W is wearing a cardigan under because of the cold weather and that worked great.

Man, those princesses are just the sweetest. Looking every child in the eyes, giving them big hugs. W's face here says it all! Wow, just wow!

We have watched Princess and the Frog more times than I can count and she was so fun to meet. Her first comment to W was about how she liked her dress and who made it. When W said her Mom made it, she asked if her Mom was a seamstress (like Tiana's Mom back in New Orleans). Yes, yes she is! FUN!

I never expected Magic Kingdom to be so beautiful.

We were lucky to see it all dressed up for the holidays.

Okay, that it for my mini recap of our trip. We also visited The Kennedy Space Center and Epcot - both AMAZING places!

Thank you!


  1. wow, how beautiful! still not sure about the crowds...maybe some day:)

  2. awww - it looks like your girls had such a fantastic time!!! Any my goodness, that was quite the intro. Goddess....more like rebel with a cause. HA! Seriously though, I am so happy you went. I know it can be crazy, and I know it is crowded and nuts and sometimes you are there wondering why the heck did we do this for thousands of dollars again??!!! but just seeing their faces, and the magic that is is pure joy. So happy you guys enjoyed yourselves!!!

  3. Oh so fun! Love the aurora and rapunzel dresses and the look on their faces! Jessica is right- it totally is magic! I've never been to Disneyworld, just Disneyland too many times to count but it's even more fun as a parent.

  4. Really cute dresses! Disneyworld is truly amazing, I can't wait to take my munchkin one day!

  5. great dresses!! love the pics! we r big DW fans. I think we have pics with that same Tianna ;)

  6. You must have had such a great time! The look on W face in the photo with Tiana is priceless! And I really have to make some dresses like these :D


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