Monday, July 14, 2014

The Bohemian Babydoll Dress by E&E Patterns - Pattern Review.

Today I have 'no fuss' dresses on the zippers, buttons or tie bands - your child can just put it over her head and wupti, she is dressed and looking fab! 

The lady who had that great idea is the lovely Heidi from the popular blog Elegance & Elephants and E&E Patterns.

I made one for each of my girls since they each had ordered at different print from the same collection: "Beadwork" by Mark Hordyszynski for Michael Miller (bought at Michael Levine) and the print was kind of perfect for this dress. It is a soft quilting cotton by the way. I paired it with a denim chambray from Hancock Fabrics to neutralize the crazy print a bit.
I am not a rainbowtize-everything person but W is and I like the print kind of every second time I look at it (and at least it makes me laugh the other times (not cry, ha).....and what really matters is making her happy with what I make I am happy too!

I changed something in both versions but W's is the one closest to the original pattern.
The changes I did on her's is making a more narrow sleeve ruffle (The idea is directly stolen from the amazing Lexi Made....see her version HERE.) and then I cut the front hem a bit higher to accentuate the high-low hem a bit more.

A close up of the more narrow sleeve ruffle.

According to W's measuremenst the pattern told me to make a size 5 in width and a size 7 in length - she is 6.5 years old but is long and narrow so that makes sense. The width was spot on perfect but even though it is hard to see in this photos I would probably make a size 8 length next time. Also if I had not shortened the front a bit. 

I made the same changes to E's dress (more narrow sleeve ruffle and higher front hem) but then I also lengthened the back bodice with 3 cm (1 3/16") and at the same time shaved off the same height from the top of the back dress piece - in other words the finished dress length is the same I just changed the proportions a bit. Again to give an even bigger high-low effect and I totally love the result.

E's dress is an even bigger mix of sizes than W's - ha, I have weird sized children. According to her chest measurements she needed a size 3 width (she is 4.5 years old) (and again Heidi was spot on), but I cut the bodice with a size 4 height and then I actually just used the same dress pattern as W's dress - so the size 7 but slightly more narrow. 

The way the dress is made with a bodice and a gathered dress attached makes it super easy to mix sizes so it was really no problem at all.

A dress made in woven fabric that is supposed to just be pulled over the head obviously have to have a certainly width and the sleeve openings are also extra deep for that reason but I am impressed with the balance Heidi found with this pattern - not making it oversize to look at. I did photograph E with a tank top under because I thought it was necessary because of the deep sleeve openings but later realized it was actually not necessary. She is fully covered.

Lastly a look at the lovely LOVELY detail that this patterns comes with....a hem facing.....oh happy day!!!

Yeah, I am pretty sure we will have see more Bohemian Baby Doll Dresses in our future.

Buy your copy HERE.

Thank you!!

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