Monday, April 28, 2014

Kudzu Cargo Pants by willow & co

Oh, such a happy day today. The Kudzu Cargo Pants are ready and is now for sale in the willow & co shop. We have literally worked day and night (together with our amazing testers that turned into express testers - THANK YOU!) to get them ready, since we like a week before launch date decided to go in a different direction with the pattern. And we are soooo happy with the result and I will try to show you why in this post.

We decided to limit the fabric to woven with stretch. That way we could get the fit we wanted and not get different results depending on which fabric type was used. In certain more loose fitting garments it would not be a big deal to use one or the other but when you are talking tight fitting pants you kind of have to choose (.......we realized, ha. Sometimes you miss the obvious when you are as busy as we have been the last many months). Another lesson learned!

The Kudzu Cargo Pants come in a straight (but still slim fit) and a skinny version like you see above. Both versions can be made as shorts too.
It is designed with kids in mind and has no zippers or buttons. The waistband is a knit rib and easy to pull on and off.
It has front and back pockets plus a side cargo pocket. The long versions has knee pleats. And the pattern also has options for adding some cool diagonal seams that is screaming for some color blocking, he he.

The stretchy fabrics makes them soooo comfortable. Almost like jeggings (yikes, did I really use that word, ha). Don't get me wrong, I love jeggings but have a hard time with the actual word.

 Here you see the straight version made in the most soft and delicious stretch denim I bought at Mood Fabrics. I rolled up the hems to make them ready for spring.

The back pocket also have diagonal seam options and I could not handle the color block temptation anymore.
You can also see the rib knit in this photo. 
The pattern's tutorial shows you how to put elastic in the rib so they stay up. 

A close up of the cargo pocket. The pattern does not come with a color block option for that one so I guess you can say I did a bit of a pattern remix there.

And here you can see a full side view of these great pants.

I cannot not wait for fall so I can make them in sweatshirt fleece - YEAH!

I need these pants in your life and you are in luck because you can buy the pattern right HERE.

Please do not miss the aaaaaaamazing lookbook with all the willow & co patterns.

One last thing....don't forget that the Designer Tour starts today on willow & co's blog.
All the pattern designers present their pattern this week (two posts a day) and show their amazing testers' creations.

Thank you!


  1. So cool, Mie. I absolutely adore this skinny version!

  2. Love it! ...and where can I get the Pattern for the Top?


  3. I can't thank you enough for all your hard work in perfecting this pattern! You are amazing!

  4. There's are sooooo awesome, Mie!

  5. Amazing Mie!! gosh you have worked hard!! You must feel very relieved. Well done and now have a rest!!

  6. super cute! These are adorable pants! Love them ;o) Enjoy the success of your pattern line, its amazing!!!

  7. Oh my!! I love that skinny version!! Amazing job!

  8. Love both pairs! Can't wait to make a pair, or two. :)

  9. I love both these versions Mie! The colours are fantastic.

  10. I love these pants!!! really I've been loving all of the stuff you've been sewing up from the wanderlust collection!! pants, shorts, shirts, jumpsuits!! all fantastic! :)


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