Friday, April 18, 2014

Calling All Kids!

Oh, I love this series and especially the story behind it. The lovely Alida who blogs over at Alida Makes has four kids and her youngest daughter Ellie is a bit of a cool cat (and a total cutie pie too - I have met her, oh yes I have!). She does not like ruffles, or pink or anything else very traditionally girly......aaaand a series is born. 
A series where the challenge is to make boys wear purple and pink (for example) and girls to not (okay that is the short version but I am sure you know what I mean, right!).

Since I totally prefer non pink, purple, ruffled stuff for girls this was not a hard challenge for me. THAT does not mean I did not have fun doing it. I mean who does not like to make the style they like the best. AND I still had one challenge - making something this lady would like to wear afterwards too. She can be convinced to other colors but pink and purple is probably on the top of her list. Luckily she is not as strong willed as my youngest one and was totally happy with this. Okay, the pants are a bit tight on her which is my fault completely (yeah, I guess measuring the child before sewing really is a good idea, ahem.) 

So what did I made? 
Oh, you know, I just made my BFF Olga's (Kid Approved) first pattern The Mulberry Tunic (with slight alterations) which is part of the new pattern collective Willow & Co that launches their first collection on next tuesday the 22nd of April. I knooooooooooow!!!!
AND not to forget my first pair of Titchy Thread's Small Fry Jeans. First, you might ask? Yes, well I did participate in the awesome blog tour but that was my second pair - ha, tricked ya'. Because as soon as I finished these ones I knew they were perfect for Calling All Kids and then I made another pair for the Small Fry Tour (see them HERE).

Alida Makes Presents: Calling All Kids

So what slight alterations did I do to the Mulberry Tunic? I added a bit of gathering to the lower front piece. The back already has a pleat, which I gathered instead, plus I added a bit of extra gathering. When I say 'added a bit of extra gathering' I really mean that I cut the fabric a bit wider, which I then gathered to make it fit the seam you are sewing it to. The pattern pieces are cut to fold and I simply moved it like  2.5 cm / 1 inch away from the folding line and cut.....and voila you have a slightly wider piece that can be gathered a bit more. And then I sewed two rows of elastic shirring in the sleeves to give them a bit of a feminine touch. I KNOW I was suppose to do the opposite but since this pattern is already quite masculine (but totally works for girls too) I wanted that little touch. Sooorry.

The fabric is this super thin cotton shirting (I guess?) with woven in stripes and I was planning all along for her to wear a tank top under.....or tater tot as she calls it (????)

The buttons were not my choice - and NOT because I do not love them....I mean they have red dots, what's not to love.....but I probably would have ended up with something different for this top and color.... but  Wilma comes in, sees them and well, the rest is history as they say.
Buttons from Lots of Buttons.

I love the narrow back yoke and show me a kid that does not like hoods. The pattern also have a hood-free case someone actually do have a kid to show me that does not like hoods.

I am not going to say a ton about the Small Fry Jeans except that it is an amazing pattern and you should totally go buy now! In case you actually do want to read more about them I have a post just for you right HERE.

I love this striped hmmm denim, twill...not quite sure. I bought it in Mood Fabrics during Fabric Weekend, LA. I have definitely been saving it for the right project and this was for sure it!

This is the shorts version with a little slit in the side seam.

And then little sister came by for a hug dressed in classic Evelyn attire. Some sorts of short sleeved t-short, ballet skirt and leggings (in winter we (okay, I) add (okay, insists on) a cardigan and replace the leggings with tights). She dresses herself and wear this 5 out of 7 days....the other days she wears one of the many knitted dresses I made her. NO pants. Yeah I knew she was not going to model for this series, phew that would have been an uphill project. BUT I am glad she made her way into this post anyway.

Yeah, I think we got it all covered, right!
The awesome hat is (of course) from Target and that has definitely also been saved as photo props for the right project...again...THIS was it.

Thank you SO much Alida for inviting me.

Make sure you do not miss the other amazing posts in this series. Today is last day and you can catch up on them all on Alida Makes.


  1. Ooh I love the pants and that fabric is so perfect. Yes the small fry skinny jeans are the best. Both fabric choices are perfect!

  2. Love all of it! Emerson likes all hoods unless it's something I made. Then she hates them (knight hoodie!)...

  3. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. l love your remix and the fabric for the skinnies is awesome. The photos are great too. Your W and my M would make a good pair!

  4. Oh i love it! Wilma is the cutest! The jeans are amazing (the toptstithing is simply perfect, of course) and I love what you did to my pattern. This is perfect!

  5. Looove it! As always, everything is amazing!!

  6. Awesome outfit! I love the yellow Mulberry and the changes you made. That striped fabric you used for the jeans is amazing and I almost included that split side seam as an option :) I think that you should frame that second photo, and the one of both girls hugging.

  7. super cute! the jeans look amazing and that is a fun version of the mulberry tunic!

  8. Woa! I LOVE that denim fabric. If Mood wasn't closed for earthquake damage, I would go TODAY!!

  9. Great outfit!! Love your take on the tunic. And I definitely have to grab the small fry skinny jeans pattern, though my daughter is on a "i hate" pants, particularly jeans phase! :)


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