Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Oliver+S Ice Cream Dress with lace and piping.

I am sorry if I am boring you with all these dresses in the same model but I just have to show you this one I just made for Evelyn. She choose to have it made with this Lisette ice cream printed fabric which is kind of funny since the dress model is also called Ice Cream Dress. But it does not stop there because it is the same person (Liesl Gibson) who has made the pattern AND designed the fabric - yes, told you! Crazy!

I found this quite old piece of neon pink nylon piping that I brought with me from Denmark when I moved here (4.5 years ago) and thought that would look really good with this dress. And then my eyes fell on this piece of pink neon lace I just bought and I started playing with it. 
I really wanted to use it but I did not want to make this dress into a special-occasion-dress so when I got the idea of using it like some kind of collar I was ecstatic (you know in a down to earth kind of way). So ecstatic that I totally forgot to take photos along the way. 
But it is simply made from a long straight piece of lace where I cut around the 'tongues' as you can see on the photo below. To shape the straight piece to the round neck opening I put in a gathering thread but only gathered it ever so little. Then I stitched the wavy edge to the dress and sewed the neck opening as usual. 
I was surprised how well it worked and also surprised you can't see any gathering in the neckline - so so happy and I am wildly inspired to make more things with this lace. I bought it on www.fabric.com and have it in neon yellow too, yay! 

Yep, she approves!

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  1. Adorable..love the lisette line of fabric.. This one is really cute.. so is your model.

  2. The dress is darling! Love how bright and cheery it is. I have a daughter named Evelyn too!

  3. I love how creative you have been getting with your colorblocking and knit cominations Mie!

  4. How adorable is she! Love this! And her hair is too cute! Thanks for linking up at Trendy Treehouse.

    xoxo, Tara


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