Friday, June 8, 2012


W's sweatshirt dress is from Soft Gallery and my talented good friend Rikke has made E's owl dress (now top).
We are going on a kind of a vacation. We live on the East coast, Husband/Daddy works at a project on the West coast at the moment and we are going to pay him a visit for two weeks so he does not have to fly back and forward.
We are very excited! And the blog will be very quiet for a couple of weeks.

By the way here is another version of the color block leggings. And again I was tricked by knit fabric. This time in the not-so-strectchy-knit-fabric way and these are very tight and almost too low waist for them - argh! I told you knit fabrics can be tricky to sew with.
Whatever....California here we come!

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