Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shirt dress with shirring.

Finally some news here on the blog. 
This dress has been underway for a long time. I ran out of fabric (Little Lizzette Collection) and my local JoAnn Store had in the mean time sold out. When I found it at their online store on sale for 50% off almost felt lucky I ran out.....until I realized their shipping was endless. Maybe I was just unlucky (I have never bought anything with them online before) but when they shipped the fabric it took two full weeks before I received it...what? I got it the day before we left for California for two weeks and it has taken me another week here at home to finish it. Hmmm yeah it was just like the sun and the pool were more interesting.
I am sure you recognize the top part from THIS shirt. It is very typical me to draft a pattern for a top, sew it and when I look at the result decide that I have to develop the top pattern into a dress pattern....or the other way around.                                                                                              
I did have a fitting on Wilma to determine the length of the skirt part but when it was done it was still too long....well, at least if I wanted to follow my initial vision of having the belt cover the waist seam. But there was no way I was going to change that when the dress was done and when I look at these photos I actually like the low 'waist' seam and the belt higher up - one of those lucky things I guess! 

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