Monday, May 7, 2012

A Treat.

Dear blog readers. I have a treat for you in this post: professional photos - ahhhh, how nice is that instead of my fumbling sometimes-lucky-shoots-mostly-not photos.
When you sew some clothes for a girl who's Mom is a pro photographer you would be stupid not to ask her to take some photos of her beautiful daughter in the clothes, right!! And here they are.....(as in I'm not stupid :-)

The dress is made in a combination of Liberty, denim chambray and coral quilting cotton.

I got the idea of making a yoke look like a collar a while ago but never came around actually making it until Nikoline asked for a dress and the idea came up again.  Worked out very well I think.

The shorts is made from a model I made almost two years ago but it was not shown in The First Post here on the blog.
The reason is that I made them in some quite tacky fabric. I wanted to make sequin shorts but could not find sequin fabric so I made them in some very 'interesting' dance wear fabric. They are kind of funny and Wilma loves them because well SHE is a girl and THEY are sparkly and colorful but fabric wise do they kind of stick out compared to what I normally sew with.

Of course I will show them to you now.
I was afraid that the 'sequins' was going to scratch her so I made a lining in a cotton fabric. I extended the waist and legs of the lining to make a piping effect. I used the technique kind of like I did in the two-in-one-hem that you can find a mini tutorial for in this post. I did that on the bow as well but that's very hard to see in this photo. 

Here is Wilma wearing them at a vacation in Copenhagen almost two years ago at my sister's wedding.
Awwwww she is so tiny.

A close up photo of Nikoline's shorts so you can see the details better.

Denim shorts with a belt in a flowery quilting cotton.

Here is a close up of the denim shorts. I changed the model a little bit from the original bow-model. I have moved the elastic all the way up in the waist so that she has a choice of wearing a t-shirt over or inside them. The ruffle effect that it gives when you sew the elastic lower on the shorts like the bow-model has makes it kind of a t-shirt-inside-only model.
Because the denim is fairly thick did I not give these a lining. And no piping effect either. But because I was sewing in denim fabric did I sew the facings in the waist and legs on the outside. 

If you love these photos as much as I do you can check out her website: or find her page on Facebook. Search for: Photosbyfalck.


  1. What amazing clothes! Your girls and the photos are just beautiful. I really like the fabric you used.

  2. Love the dress and shorts and the pictures.

  3. Fantastisk tøj og ditto billeder. Love your shorts!

    Hugs from another Danish Wilma-mom.



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