Thursday, May 3, 2012

Project Run & Play, week 4 - pick a color!

You already know that I was going to make another entry to Project Run & Play's sew along competition. The week's challenge is pick a color and make an outfit.......and here is the result.
I choose the color group RED (no, not because I knew even my little models hair would match) but somehow that was the color (along with blue) that was best represented as solid colors in my fabric stash. I still did end up at Jo Ann's for the fabric for the skirt (and ended up buying five other fabrics) but you know that's what happens.
I made color block leggings (that you have been presented for in this post) and 25 min. before I had to pick up Wilma from preschool today I made them more narrow and they now looks the way I originally intended. A jersey cardigan/blouse with snaps and belt in same fabric and colors as the leggings. And to give some contrast to the slim fitting and tight woven jersey I made a layered, airy and fluffy skirt with an elastic waistband in a shimmery thin polyester (yeah I know, yikes polyester. But it gave the outfit the look I wanted so I will let it pass for this time :-) (yes, I can be a snob that way I know, sorry!)
I was from the beginning very aware that I did not wanted this to be a costume - which can very easily happen when you have to follow some rules you don't normally have to. But even though it IS very matchy matchy and she looks very dressed up (not the party-dressed-up-way but the too-organized-color-coordinated-way) I am happy with it. I have NO expectations of winning though....see why in the end of this post!

The cardigan is a kid's version of a model I had in one of my collections when I had my women's apparel company in Denmark like six years back and I will for sure make that one in other colors and a printed fabric instead of the light pink would also work very well.

Oh look I went through my box with all my old business stuff and found a photo of the original cardigan. I have made the pattern and sewed this salesman sample that we used for this photo shoot.
What a lot of memories that photo brings. Lots of very hard work and constant money troubles but also a great joy to be able to execute many of my fashion ideas - even though the work with new designs was always under time pressure because so many other things came first - it was such a small company that I did most of the jobs. 
And not to forget the extreme happiness when a shop bought my clothes or even better if I saw a girl in town with my clothes on - ohhh, then I immediately forgot all my troubles....for at least 10-15 minutes.

From my spring/summer 2006 collection from my now closed company Pilborg.
Photographer: Kasper Thye. Model: Julie F/Unique. 
I promise I will come back with more posts about my fashion past but let's leave it for now.

No, I did not forget about the no expectations explanation (wow, try saying that ten times!) 
Yesterday I checked out the entries that have come in so far in the Flickr Group (the deadline is friday morning 8 am/EST) and WOW check out this entry from the blog Sew Chibi. Now you understand why I have NO expectations. What an amazing job she has done!

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  1. That Cardigan is amazing! I like the leggings too, however I think they compete a little, I love them separately :)


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