Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Daisy Designer Pant and Parker Tunic in Telio Fabric

This post has sponsored fabric from Telio. They are a Canadian fabric manufacturer. 
I was only suppose to make an Instagram post, but decided last minute to throw the photos on the blog too.
That way I had some more space to talk about what I actually sewed too.

This is the Daisy Designer Pant and the Parker Tunic. Both patterns from StyleArc.

I have sewn both patterns before, so I don't have tons of new things to say. HERE is my IG post about the pants. And HERE is my post about the top.

The only thing I changed about the top from my previous version, was the hem. The original is curved and with facings. I knew I was going to have mine tucked into pants, so I simply cut off the curved bit and hemmed it by folding twice.

I do have an old Instagram post about some tips to the hem facings HERE, if you feel like you need it.

When I made the pants the first time, I had to do a bit of a rescue mission. I didn't add to the rise and I needed it because of my height (178 cm / 5'10"). So instead of making an elastic casing by folding at the top of the waistband, I drafted a separate facing, sewed it on the outside and used that as an elastic and drawstring casing instead. That worked so well, that I actually decided to keep that feature for this pair.

Because my pockets were already sewn on the front of my first pair, before I realized I needed the rise, they visually became too low. Luckily I have long arms, so practically they worked out, ha.

On this pair I raised my pockets 5 cm.

It's patch pockets but in this fabric and photos, they magically disappear, ha. I, of course, cut them along the border, just like the pants themselves and I guess they just blend in.

I'm obsessed with the fit of Style Arc pants. Just look at this, with no changes to the actual crotch/bum curve, besides the longer rise of course. I'm amazed.

So as you've probably already read in the Instagram post, this leopard printed rayon from Telio that I used for the pants, has this 5 cm / 2" wide orange dotted border, running along the grainline on each side. I just had to make some pants and use the border as some sort of tuxedo stripe effect. That would totally work on a square, elastic waist skirt too.

 You need a pants pattern with a fairly straight side seam to do that. You can absolutely NOT tip the pattern to fit the border. It's always important to follow the grain line indication on any pattern, but pants is probably the garment where it's most important. High risk of twisting pant legs if you don't, and that is super annoying to wear.

The Daisy Designer Pant were perfect. They are straight in the legs and because it's elastic waist, they keep going straight, almost all the way up. My tuxedo stripe does narrow a bit at the top, but again because of the elastic in the waist, that would happen anyway. It absolutely doesn't bother my eye one bit.

Thank you!


  1. WOW! I love this whole outfit. It almost has a jumpsuit feel. Gorgeous fabric, pattern selection - looks wonderful on you. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I keep going back to look at these pants--I love everything about them. Have you tried the new Victor jeans by Style Arc yet? I have just put the PDF together and now I am ready to check them against my measurements. I was hoping you had already made them so I could get some hints from you:)

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you like them. I have worn these pants SO much. And haha, the Victor jeans came out like last week. I'm not that fast. ;-) I have printed them though, so far, so good. Keep an eye on my IG account, that's most likely where I'll post them. :-)

  3. I'm about to order my first Style Arc pattern and, as I'm fairly new to sewing, I would appreciate your advise on size. I've looked at Daisy's size chart and I can't locate a finished size chart, perhaps the style is more forgiving than others. My hip measurement (standing) is 114 but when seated I expand to 118 - what size will I order? I've read so many reviews about how good the Style Arc fit is and I'm keen to make something. Regards, Sandra

    1. You are right, it's missing from the product page. This is an older pattern that uses their old way of giving finished measurements, but even that info is missing. I looked in the pattern file and for size 10 the finished hip measurement is 106 cm and it jumps with 5 cm per size. So size 12 is 111 cm, size 14 is 116 cm, size 16 is 121. So with a hip measurement of 114 cm, you fit into size 16 and that's also the size I would advice you to make, since the finished measurement is 121 cm. I hope this helps. :-) Happy sewing. Daisy is some of my favorite pants. Did you read the post I linked to on IG? Might be some helpful tips there!

  4. Hi Mie - I did it!!! If I hadn't read your comments on how you fixed the short rise problem on the Daisy pant by adding a separate waistband, Daisy would have ended up in the bin. Thank you. I made a cropped version - not quite enough fabric. What I would like to know is where should the hem of cropped pants sit on the leg -just above the ankle - especially as they tend to rise up the leg when seated? Regards, Sandra

    1. Wow, I'm glad my post was able to help you!
      And regards to any pant lengths, there is only ONE rule: Whatever you think looks best. :-) So put on the unhemmed pants, stand in front of a full length mirror and play with different length by pinning the hem. Different fabrics, pant styles or even which shoes you were planning to wear with them etc etc, can play into which length you like best for that specific pair, so this is something that should be done every time you make pants.
      Did you see that I just posted my third pair of Daisys on IG? I love that style so much!


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