Saturday, January 20, 2018

BurdaStyle Boyfriend Cardigan 09/2013-111

I know this might sound a bit strange but I totally love to browse through BurdaStyle's giant archive of patterns and try to decipher some of those patterns where the sewn model and /or fabric is not really speaking to me. Basically trying to make lemons into lemonade I guess.

This Boyfriend Cardigan 09/2013-#111 was sewn in all brown which didn't show the details at all. 
So silly because the details are everything in this one if you ask me.

I love those sleeve inserts. Why would you not color block them, haha.

It's an oversized style and this is the second smallest size. The smallest would probably also have been fine. I think mine has shrunk a bit in the tumble dryer since I finished it. I have already used it so much, and this is one of the rare times where I ended up blogging it anyway. I gave it my best press but it doesn't look as crisp as newly sewn. It's okay!
But I guess it gives you a chance to see how well Nosh fabrics hold up in the wash.

Talking about Nosh Fabrics, I used the same kind in two different colors for this cardigan. It's the LAINE Slub Sweatshirting in black and blue. The blue is unfortunately sold out now. But check out this Gun Metal grey, stunning. I have 2 meters waiting for the perfect project.

My latest Talvikki Sweater from Named Clothing was also made with the blue LAINE. In fact it was the leftovers from Talvikki, that was used for this cardigan.

And yes, I totally should have interfaced those front bands. Even worse, it was not a result of rushing or not thinking out it. I was absolutely thinking about it. I sewed slowly, checking it every step of the way and in the end I decided that the fabric would hold up by itself without interfacing. I finished it off with a coverstitch (one needle in the ditch and one visible (when you are much closer)) and as soon as I started using the cardigan, I realized not using interfacing was in fact a mistake. Ugh! Looking at the photo above, especially at the right one, you can see it's wavy. And I know some of you will shake your head and think, gah why does she point out all her mistakes? But when I make mistakes, at least I want others to learn from them (too). That's my idea behind it. 

The cardigan has a slight cocoon shape (as in tapering at the bottom) and the pattern also comes with a belt which I skipped. I was worried it would look too much like a bathrobe. 

I seriously love the texture of the fabric. So perfect for a bit of visual interest.

Get your Boyfriend Cardigan 09/2013-111 HERE.

Get your Nosh Fabric HERE.
The fabric is kindly sponsored by Nosh. The opinions are my own!

Thank you!


  1. I think you did make lemonade out of this pattern - love the colour blocking and the fabrics from Nosh. The original in brown on the Burda website is a horror!

    1. Thank you! And yes, that brown one is a missed opportunity.

  2. Looks great, so cosy! Love the colorblocking. It makes a huge difference!

  3. I love the colorblocking you did on this cardigan! The sleeve inserts are super cool, and I agree that using a different color for them makes all the difference! And you don't have to tell me twice about that amazing Nosh fabric ;-) So good!!

  4. I am so glad you highlighted the beautiful details of this cardigan. I don't think I would use a tie with this cardi either, it is good as is!

  5. It's lemonade!! looks great on you!

  6. the shoulder detailing really is amazing on this pattern. nice find!


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