Sunday, April 30, 2017

Keely Knit Top from Style Arc Patterns.

It's been a while since I posted a Sunday post and since I took photos for three posts last week then I thought I better get on it before I end up with a blog queue...bahaha, just kidding, like that would ever happen around here!

This might be my current favorite outfit, although in this post I'm only going to talk about the Keely Knit Top from Style Arc Patterns.
The skirt will be in the next post together with that lace shirt I posted on Instagram a few weeks back.

I wore this the other day to our daughters' spring festival at school and it was quite a hot evening and I just felt great wearing this. Relaxed but still nicely dressed and most importantly the skirt felt breezy and nice.

Okay, back to the Keely Knit Top. My gosh I love this pattern.
First and foremost it has seam allowance that fits a 4 thread serger seam. I know there are good reasons for pattern designers to keep the 1 cm SA when they design knit patterns but that does not keep me from being very very happy when I meet a pattern that doesn't.

I made a size 6 straight up and no changes and although I don't think this is too small I still kind of think I'll make it like a half to a whole size bigger for the next. I'll also have to have a closer look under my arms. It wasn't anything I noticed when wearing it and doing fittings but looking at these photos and I'm thinking something could be tweaked for a slightly better fit for me. OR maybe it just needs to be a bit bigger. There is definitely nothing wrong with the pattern in general. That's for sure. 

We needed a twirling photo, right! This pleasure is not just for all the little girls.

The fabric, oh the fabric! It's a speckled jersey knit from L'oiseau. There were lots of colors when I bought it but now it seem like they are all totally sold out, waaah. I did find something similar in French Terry but I don't think that will work for this style.

This was thin but not opaque and with plenty of stretch. It even worked for the neckline ribbing. Dang, I should have bought more. 

Plain and simple from the back.

This was an easy sew with a fabulous result and I can't recommend it enough. 
If I should give one advice that I learned the hard way myself, then it is to check that the bottom of the two ruffles line up before you overlock and top stitch the seams, gah. I basted my ruffled on first and that's where I should have checked instead of rushing to the next step.
 Btw top stitching those seams are not necessary if you have a machine that hates knit. But it does help keep things look more 'recently ironed' after washing than when not stitched.


Get your own Keely Knit Top HERE.

Thank you!


  1. It's so so pretty! Love the shade of pink, very nice! The ruffle is just right!

  2. I love the ruffles combined with the sweet skirt! This style looks so good on you.

  3. Great style and colors on you, Mie! I really like this outfit! It's perfect with those sneakers.

  4. It's so pretty! Love this top and your fabric choice, looks great on you!

  5. If I bought another pattern of theirs yesterday I would have got this one as well 😢 but I didn't. It is such a beautiful top! Seriously, love it Mie.

  6. Gosh this top is so pretty!! I love it in that speckled fabric and it goes so beautifully with the skirt (and your shoes)!

  7. I'm so jealous of this! Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous! Love the top and the skirt and everything about these colours. <3 Perfect!

  8. Such a beautiful outfit, it works together so well and the shoes are perfect. I am looking forward to your post on the lace shirt, I'm very tempted to get that pattern.

  9. I love this top. Is adorable. Do you think it would be hard to alter it to close the ruffle in the shape of a triangle at chest level?


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