Sunday, November 6, 2016

Petit a Petit Patterns Block Party.

Welcome welcome welcome....

Hmmm, do you know what we should do?

It's been a while since we have been in a blog post together.....Why don't we take a bow?

....ugh, whatever!

Sorry, I couldn't resist after seeing those faces, haha. Let's get really started!
This Block Party for Petit a Petit Patterns has been on my mind for months and I'm so happy with the result.
I know how insanely hard Celina work on her sewing patterns and it felt natural to try to give the love back via this post.

So I made the Friday Dress (to be released very soon) and The Goodall Cardigan (a free pattern when you join the Petit a Petit Patterns Facebook Group).

Plus I made the just released Loveralls (a pattern with a ton of options like three different waistbands) and the fantastic Tip Top, Tunic and Dress (here in a top version made with double knit and a lace overlay sleeve).

I know I'm repeating myself when I say that I love making patterns for woven fabrics in knit instead but I'm saying it (again) because it was surprising to me, that I haven't made The Tip Top, Tunic and Dress in knit before, ha.
I needed something for my daughter to wear under her Loveralls and I just knew that a knit garment would be preferred over a woven top.
My kids also loooove lace. Not sure why but I guess we don't have to understand everything!
The Tip Top already comes with a double sleeve option so this was sooo easy to do - no pattern changes needed. I did take some of the width out of the bodice pattern though since this top was to be stuffed inside the Loveralls, ha. I also tried the top on my daughter before doing the pleats in the neckline. I knew the knit would make it wider, so a fitting was necessary at that point. And then I finished the neckline with a knit rib.
For the bodice I used this wonderful grey double knit from Robert Kaufman bought at Imagine Gnats Shop and that gave a wonderful structure to the bodice but I was worried about the sleeves, so I ended up cutting them in a much thinner and not very stretchy cotton knit. I obviously can't say if the double knit would have worked as well. It might!

I ended up leaving the lace overlay unhemmed/raw edge. I hope it holds up in the wash. I really wanted to keep the sleeves 'clean' (not related to the wash, ha) looking.

And then the Loveralls oh boy oh boy. It is seriously SUCH a cool pattern. If you should buy only one pattern this year, that would be the one in my opinion. There might be other overall patterns out there but this is just cooler...and so smack full of options that it almost makes you dizzy to decide, haha.
And nope, it's not a one-hour-sew pattern but I can guarantee you that the work you put into them will come back tenfold in wearability and just plain satisfaction that YOU made that! Try it and you will see what I mean!
Both my girls melted when they saw the heart pocket option and I basically had free choices  after long as they got the heart pocket, ha. I have made a navy blue skirt version for my oldest daughter to wear to school and she loves it so much.
My youngest surprised me by going for the Loveralls Pants even though she also had the choice of a Loveralls Skirt (releasing within days). She has refused to wear pants since she was around 2 years old and started choosing her own clothes but it looks like she is warming up to them and I couldn't be more thrilled.

The fabric is this fantastic and fascinating denim knit from Robert Kaufman also bought at the Imagine Gnats Shop. On the front it looks like denim but on the back side you can see that it is knit. It is both stable and quite stretchy at the same time. I'm not going to pretend that sewing got easier with this material but wearing it afterwards certainly will. You definitely need to add fusible interfacing to your straps, waistband and pocket openings and a lot of pressing while sewing to get it back in shape after sewing. But if you are looking for a material that looks like woven but feels like knit...well, you found it! Amazing!

The overall buckles are the brand Amanaote, the jeans buttons and rivets are from TaylorTailor and the side snaps are from SnapSource.

I have always been a lover of shirt dresses and The Friday Dress has definitely confirmed that love. The fit is perfect and again you have a million options - full skirt like here or a-line, long or short sleeves, buttons all the way down or just through the bodice, round or pointy collar and so on and on. You always get a lot for your money when you buy Petit a Petit Patterns!
The style both suits young and older kids and I absolutely love this on my almost 9 year old. I made her the size 7/8 because she is skinny but added length to both the bodice, sleeves and skirt. The skirt ended up rather long but I decided that I loved that 'too long' look and kept it.

The fabric is this amazing thin fog blue cotton twill from Mood Fabrics with dogs printed on it. I really love the colors in this fabric too.

And then last but not least, The Goodall Cardigan. I absolutely love the slouchy look and again the fit is perfect. It is also one of those projects that are quick but the result is SO good and satisfying. 

It's hard to see but this cotton heather grey knit actually has small gold glitter dots all over. (You can see it better in the close up photo further up in this post). It's actually a ribbed knit, so it has a ton of stretch and you can see my seams are a bit wavy even though I pressed them the best I could. The pattern is made for stable knits so this is on my own account and I'm okay with it. 
I bought the fabric at Jo-Ann but I was not able to find it online while writing this post. Maybe it's sold out or maybe they only sell it in stores?

Again my snaps are from SnapSource.  

A quick look at the patterns from the back.

I also wanted to give you links to other posts where I have sewn Petit a Petit Patterns.
The Tip Top, Tunic and Dress (in the original woven version) plus the fabulous Morocco Pants HERE, The Ash Jumpsuit HERE, The Ash turned dress HERE and The Elm Rain Poncho HERE.

But promise to come back so you don't miss the giveaway!

Yay, finally done, haha.
Thank you for reading all the way down here and don't forget to check in with all the other incredible ladies that are posting this month. This tour will for sure be inspiring! Also don't forget that you can buy all Petit a Petit Patterns with a 20% discount the whole month of November 2016 if you use the promo code BLOCKPARTY. I cannot recommend these patterns enough!

Thank you!

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