Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pleated Pinafore

I made a few items for my big girl before school started, all from Japanese sewing patterns (the style is just perfect for our school's dress code) and two of the items I guest blogged on Petit a Petit and Family as part of my year long series Sew Japan with Mie. See those posts HERE (scroll down when you get over there).

I'm posting this one on my own blog to tell you that Sewing for Kindergarten 2016 is coming back for the 4th year in a row! Starting next week (Sep 12th) and running for two weeks - two participants every day!
There will be some younger siblings to former participants, new participants, kindergartners for all around the world and it will be fun, touching and exciting as always. We will see what their Moms have made them to wear and we will hear a little bit about their feelings about this new chapter in their life.
At the very end of this post I have posted the schedule for the series, eeek!

So back to this pinafore. It screams school uniform (in a good and bad way) but if you choose some nice fabrics (and not stiff yucky polyester like some school uniforms are made with) then I think we can keep it on the nice side, ha.

Ultra classic shape. Sleeveless a-lined bodice and a pleated low-waisted skirt.

Last year when my youngest was starting in Kindergarten, I ordered both Essex and Brussels Washer linen from Robert Kaufman because I wanted to feel the difference myself. I 100% preferred the much softer Brussels Washer linen but for this style, I finally got a chance to use that Essex linen I had in my stock. It was perfect for this type of dress, stiff and with not a lot of drape. My daughter also thought it was super scratchy, so it's lucky that she will always wear it with a polo shirt under - although I decided to do photos without - I'm a mean Mom like that I guess, ahem. I did decide to change things up a bit with the pleated skirt and used cotton gauze instead for a softer look. I really love how that worked out!
I didn't put in a lining for the skirt even though gauze can be a tiny bit see-through because she will also always wear either knit bike shorts or tights under. Again according to dress code.

A view from the back with an invisible zipper that could have used an iron before taking the photos - oh well!

The pattern is again from one of my 'a sunny spot' books. THIS one.
You get pattern pieces for the bodice and waist piece and then very clear illustrations on how to 'draft' (it's just a rectangle) the skirt, plus they have done the math for you with the pleats. You do have to remember to add SA (seam allowance) afterwards and that confused me for a bit. I feel like I have made another one of these 'self-drafted' pleated things from a Japanese sewing book, where the SA was included BUT honestly I'm not sure?! You do normally have to add SA to the Japanese patterns so I guess it shouldn't be that much of a surprise to me, ha.

The fit is loose and boxy so take that into account when you choose the size to make. Go one size down in width if you want a more narrow look or if your fabric is very very stiff.
This is a size 130 for my 130-ish cm tall and rather slim 8 year old.

And here they are, the 2016 participants of Sewing for Kindergarten. I'm crazy excited to see what they have made. I know they will all blow us away....no pressure of course, ahem.

See you next week!
And feel free to use the hashtag #sewingforkindergarten if you are (or have been) sewing for a kindergartner. I would love to see what you make!


  1. So excited to be included and share what I've been making! Thanks for sharing a comparison of the two linens also, I've been wondering about them.

  2. Great lineup! Can't wait ... I need some inspiration to get started on my kids wardrobe for school.

  3. Ooooh can't wait :)! So many great bloggers. And I totally love your blue dress ❤️

  4. So exciting, can't wait to see more :)
    The dress is gorgeous!!

  5. This dress looks comfy (I hope it will soften up after a few washes). Love this style.

  6. Love this dress. They're so lucky to have a talented mom who makes them such pretty school uniforms. I am SO excited for this series! So many amazing people!

  7. I love the classic style of this dress. I need to start figuring out what to sew for my little man! Eek!! I have an idea, just haven't finished the details in my head yet :) :) :). Can't wait!

  8. Such a great dress! You are the Japanese Sewing Book queen, my dear! And I can't wait to see what everyone sews for Sewing For Kindergarten!

  9. Love this classic style and really like the loose fit. And how lucky you got those blues to match! Looks like it's going to be a fun series!

  10. adorable jumper, and I am looking forward to the series!


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