Monday, March 14, 2016

Komi Kimono Jacket by Wardrobe By Me.

Hello, My name is Mie and I'm addicted to stripy fabric!
 (And a little bit to sherpa too).

I have really been looking forward to show you this cardigan.

Oh, and sorry about the sunglasses but it was that, or me with squinting eyes, and I guess I took that decision for you, ha.

Wardrobe By Me is designed by Danish Christina (don't worry the patterns are in English) and has existed for around a year BUT Christina has over 20 years of pattern drafting experience. And I think you can already guess my verdict over this pattern. Yes, very positive!

I didn't know Christina beforehand and she found me via Instagram when she was looking for bloggers to help share the word about her patterns. So yes, I did get this pattern for free but my condition to her before accepting her offer was to write an honest review and she accepted without hesitation. In fact what I learned about Christina along the way, is that she is amazing at receiving constructive criticism. I sent some questions and suggestions to her during sewing and it was all received in the most gracious and welcoming way.

The Komi Kimono Jacket is a style that will change dramatically depending on which fabric you use. In fact many make this in silky drapey fabrics and use it for beach coverups etc.
I went in the complete opposite direction and I love it so much. 

The fabric is from Miss Matatabi. It's a medium weight Japanese cotton jersey knit with only 10% stretch. It feels like barely any stretch at all and it is perfect for a loose fitting cardigan like this. I replaced the front band with a navy rayon bamboo and cotton knit rib and pockets in faux sherpa from Mood Fabrics.

The pattern also comes with a belt and belt loop but I decided to skip those for this one because I will most likely wear it open and without belt BUT I did snap a few photos of it belted so you can see what that looks like too.

You might look at this photos and thinking, wait isn't her front rib too short and yes it certainly looks like it but it was the best I could do. I wrapped the hem around the rib to get a nice looking finish on the inside but because the sherpa is fairly thick plus the 'fur' is sticking out further than the base of the fabric then it ends up looking like this. I'm totally fine with it but you know I like to mention little things like this.
I am all about posting about mistakes and imperfections but I'm always worried that someone would come by the post and think that all front ribs are suppose to look like that. No, it is not suppose to be like that but I'm totally okay with it in this particular case!

I did also throw a few squinting eyes photos in for good measure. 
Apparently I also felt the need to show you that I do in fact know how to match stripes on a shoulder seam since my last post with the Aurora Tee might made you think otherwise, haha. 

I love the lowered shoulder on this pattern.

Wind in the hair, wheeeee.

The construction of the pocket is the perfect place to show you the great quality of these patterns. Look at how beautiful that looks! And of course I could have finished the seams with bias tape if I really felt fancy that day...I guess I didn't haha.

The pocket is constructed so it is hanging open a bit. Super cool detail but it just didn't work with the thick fabric I was working with here. So I stretched out the pocket almost completely and then cut off the extra at the side seam. Easy operation.

I have worn this constantly since I took these photos last permitting. Phew, what happened to spring? We seemed to have gone straight to summer.

I can totally see this in a beautiful printed slouchy rayon challis or something similar to cover up my poor fair skin this summer.

Okay, I think that is it. Seriously I give this pattern my warmest recommendations and I hope you know by now that I only do that if I actually mean it.

Get your own Komi Kimono Jacket Pattern HERE.

I have another Wardrobe By Me pattern in the works but I'm still deciding whether my photos that I don't think turned out very well, is actually ruining the look of an otherwise amazing garment. I'm probably too lazy to retake them so I guess I'll just have to make it work.
See you soon,
Thank you!


  1. Pow! Another amazing one. <3 Love it. I need to get on the Sherpa bandwagon, well maybe next winter now but seriously this looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see the other one. And now I'm off to see the patterns heheh

  2. What a fun cardi!! Love stripes in you and the Sherpa!

  3. Superstar Mie!! Look at you with the shades -- so cool (love the windblown look, too, haha). I am becoming obsessed with stripes thanks to you, but I am too scared to use them, so I will just come back and admire them on your garments <3 Can't wait to see the next piece!!!

  4. I always love your choices in fabrics and colors. It is really inspiring!

  5. Mie, this is an amazing jacket! Such fun fabric combo! You simply radiate coolness. Also, who in their right mind would ever question your ability to match the stripes???

  6. Love this so much! I hadn't heard of this pattern designer. Pinning now.

  7. that pocket construction is so good!

  8. Cool mix of fabrics. Great job!

    Stacy from


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