Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Safari Raglan Tee and Dress, Original Version.

So are you ready for my personal Safari Raglan Tee and Dress Week?
It might sound a bit over the top for a raglan tee and dress pattern - even a very very good one - but I ended up with three different garments (well, four but two are the same) and it would just be a big mess to put them all in the same post SO here we are...three days, three versions and three posts, yay!

The Safari Raglan Tee and Dress is a pattern by Titchy Threads so we all know this is not going to be a post with me complaining, ha. I love her patterns and this is not the exception!

I need to tell you the story of how I ended up sewing this pattern.

It all started with the swan sweatshirt fleece (only pink left) from Miss Matatabi. I bought that and wanted to make the girls dresses with raglan sleeves and some sort of full/gathered skirt.
A long time ago I drafted my own raglan pattern and have sort of random graded it as the kids have grown. But I never really knew what size it was and quite frankly I was just tired of having to measure, guess and grade the pattern every time I needed it SO I started thinking, 'oh if only one of my favorite designer's had a raglan sleeve pattern' and THEN I realized that Laura's Safari Raglan Pattern was exactly what I needed, duh.

But before I started making alterations to the pattern for the swan fabric I decided it was a good idea to sew an original version. Okay, actually I started with the version I'm showing tomorrow but since that is slightly altered, I decided to show you this pure not-altered-at-all version first. Gah, all the decisions we bloggers have to take, haha.

So this is 'just' a classic raglan tee with a perfect fit. I love it SO much. Exactly what I hoped for. It's like a perfect basic style that everyone should have on speed dial in their pattern pile.

The fabrics are quilted rosa knit from Miss Matatabi and grey with golden shimmer French Terry from Mood Fabrics. Which I totally bought to make something for me, ugh :-) Oh, and then a neon pink rib for the neckline from who knows where, ha.

Oh and one last story from the shoot. As per usual this lady refuse whatever I ask her to do, so I had to use all my convincing skills to get her to put this outfit on and take photos. I told her it was going to be super quick and after a few minutes I felt I had what I needed and said, "okay we are done". "Oh really, she responded, that was quick...I can do a few more" and started posing. Ay ay ay, this girl! Next time I will tell her she is NOT allowed to model, ha,

Get your own Safari Raglan Tee and Pattern HERE.

Thank you and see you tomorrow, okay!

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