Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Halifax Hoodie by Hey June Patterns.

I have been eyeing Hey June Patterns for awhile but I'm going to be totally honest and admit that I have become a bit more hesitant to try out new (to me) pattern makers . I can't turn off my knowledge, my critical eye and my expectations of a somewhat professional level when a product is sold for money and you just never know what you get before you open up that pattern file. I'm not saying that everyone have to make patterns to my standards but that's the type of patterns I personally prefer to work with for obvious reasons.

But I had a feeling I would not be disappointed with Hey June's patterns and luckily I was right. 
This is the Halifax Hoodie.

First of all this pattern is very generous. In other words you get A LOT for your money. A zip up hoodie, a version with the twisted side seams and high-low hem (like I'm showing you in this post) and a classic sweatshirt with normal side seams plus you have the choice of adding either a hoodie, funnel neck or regular rib neckline plus a kangaroo pocket. That is basically 3 different bodice patterns in one package plus the extra add-on details...together that gives a ton of versions...for $10. Wow!

This is my first version and when I looked through the photos the other day I realized I only (literally) had 3 photos that was not out of focus. GAH!! I must have stepped out of the focus zone without realizing and somehow I didn't notice when I quickly liked through them after finishing the photo shoot. Jeez!
I will focus (get it, haha) on the fact that one photo is actually pretty good and the other two I'm only making slightly weird facial expressions. Hallelujah.

SO this is view B from the pattern with the twisted side seams but with added length to the bodice. First of all I started with a size M because I wanted a slightly oversized look and that was the perfect choice.
I added 10 cm / 4" to the length of the bodice pieces while cutting. I was worried that the longer length would collide with my hips so I also added a bit of width (5 cm / 2" total) to the lower part of the front bodice (green knit quilt / sherpa in this post).
The original pattern has two bottom rib pieces for view B - one that fits to the big back and half front bodice and one smaller one that fits the half front bodice. I moved my rib seams to be on my side although there is no side seam to match up. This is just a matter of taste and what I preferred. No biggie and easily done. I obviously had to make my bottom rib bigger anyway since I widdened the bottom circumference for my FBA (Fat Butt Adjustment - thank you Alida for that one).

The green quilted knit is from Miss Matatabi. The green is sold out now but she usually have some sort of quilted knit in stock. I have been saving it for the perfect project and this was IT! The heathered black French Terry is from Girl Charlie. This has sold out but they now have something very similar HERE (I know because I have bought some of that too, ahem did I hear someone say French Terry addiction?!).

Okay, on the the next version. I love it so so much. Mostly because I had this vision about this faux sherpa knit and it turned out exactly as I had hoped. I was literally squealing when I tried it on. I wanted the texture from the sherpa but obviously not look like a round sheep ready for it's next hair cut, haha.

I did make one more adjustment to the pattern and that is a more general one. It regards the sleeves. On me it looked like the sleeve was a bit too wide - as in I had some extra fabric on the sides of the of the sleeve. I looked though the post with tester versions and a few others had it too but not at all everyone. It might just me my body, ha who knows! 
SO I curved the sides of the sleeve head (both front and back) more and then I also raised the sleeve head so the sleeve still fit in the armscye (plus a little bit of ease).  
Problem solved!

Okay, this is probably the most boring 'from behind' photo ever, haha. SO I want to mention how much I love my CoverPro 2000 from Janome. We started out pretty good friends and now (after some practice) we are really really good friends. I just love how all rib seams are stitched down and it still looks great after washing too - which both these have been at the time I took the photos. I simply had to wear them right away and all the time.

The pattern (view B) includes the high-low hem which I absolutely love!

Okay, that's it folks. I absolutely plan to make some of the other versions too, but this one was to me the most fashionable and fun so no doubt I had to start with that, and then I will be back with some more Halifax Hoodie Goodies (sorry, that was a bad one!)

Get your own Halifax Hoodie HERE.

Thank you!


  1. This is absolute perfection! I want that sherpa one in my life so bad!! Love both of them and they look amazing on you! <3 <3 <3 GORGEOUS Now I'll have to buy this pattern too. :D

  2. They look so great! This is my favourite view (I'm a sucker for a high-low hem). I'm just waiting for my fabric to arrive so I can get started on my own. Can't wait! :D

  3. FBA... Bwahahaha Both tops look wonderful. That sherpa... Yum!

  4. Haha exactly what Jenya said! These look fabulous! I don't have this pattern but I love the union st tee and my lane hoodie.

  5. FBA :-) :-). You look amazing as always. The first one is my favorite. That top photo - wow - beauty. (Love your hair btw)

  6. Wow! That sounds like a lot of pattern for the money! I'm going to go take a peek!

  7. I dont' kow what FBA you are talking about, you certainly don't lok like you need that! :) You look very pretty in your sweatshirts. Love comfy every day clothes with interesting twists. Something you can live in, but it's not boring. You hair looks great!

  8. You look amazing!!!! I don't know why you had to do the FBA because you look FAB (sorry for the dodgy joke!) anyways I love the jumpers and how they look on you!

  9. I like that there is unique seaming and it's not just another basic pattern. Adrianna has style. I love your versions and I also love your shorter hair!

  10. Both tops are awesome, Mie! And, at the risk of sounding creepy, I can't tell you how long I stared at that third photo. Your expression + the tree behind you and the way it's all BAM! :)

  11. This is a pattern that I completely overlooked when it was released. But your versions, WOW! I'm incredibly inspired to buy this pattern and try my hand at making something similar! They're amazing!

  12. Love the fabric combos on these! I am curious about how you adjusted the pattern pieces to widen out the bottom circumference. You mentioned adding about 2", did you add this just to the center panel, redrawing the seams that start at the underarm? Or was it added to both the center panel and the back panels? I'm also tall and really like the look you achieved with your pattern adjustments, would love to try to replicate! Thanks!

    1. Yes, I only added the width to the front bodice piece. And when I say 2", I'm pretty sure I mean in total, so 1" to each seam, left and right side. I hope that makes sense? I might just have added it while cutting *bends head in shame* ;-) But redrafting the seam/line is the way to do it.

  13. Perfect, thanks so much! I'll give it a try!


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