Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015 - Bubbles costume.

Oh, hey there, it's me with a rare weekend post. 
You know that you are not a serious blogger when you post costume posts on the day of halloween. Who is going to be inspired by that? If you don't have your costume ready by now, you are probably not going for this one, haha. It's not really a last-minute-idea. BUT there is always next year!

And besides we all know I'm not a serious business blogger!

SO big sister W wanted to be Bubbles. I was like "WHO?" 
Apparently Bubbles is a cape wearing dolphin from the (awful) Spongebob movie. That movie was one of those times where I rented a movie for my kids so I could do something else in peace and quiet. I cannot handle Spongebob's annoying cackle laughter, ugh.

To my knowledge you can't actually buy this costume (yet) so there was no way around making it. I did buy this dolphin tail though and that seems like a great supplement for a reasonable amount of money.

The 'real' Bubbles is wearing a long cape but we decided to make a short one so she could show off the tail and fins more. Plus it would be easier to wear.

My starting point for the dolphin hoodie dress is of course my favorite hoodie pattern - The Rowan Tee by Titchy Threads.

The blue sweatshirt fleece has no stretch whatsoever so I made it a bit roomier and added length to turn it from tee to dress.
I made a muslin especially so I could make the hoodie as fitting to her head as possible and then I started building the dolphin layer afterwards. My goodness that was hard and I ended up making 5 (yes f.i.v.e.) muslins before I got it right. And it would never have happened without your help. Thank you social media, phew.

I think I put a bit too much filling in between the fitted inner and the dolphin outer layer because the hoodie kept moving backwards (away from her face as you can see above). Oh well, at least it stays on her head!

I made the collar and the cape separate and just like with the musketeer costume is the cape attached with velcro for safety reasons.
I can't believe that I took all these photos and not noticed that one side of the cape was flipped (because of the gold ribbon) throughout ALL the photos, haha. Now I just wanted to reach in on the photos and fix it.

The sunglasses are not part of the costume but simply us (me) trying to get through the photo shoot. The sun was smack in her eyes so we improvised with Mommy's sunglasses.

She is very happy with her costume and I hope she is not going to get too tired of answering the question "And who are you dressed up as my friend?" tonight when we go trick or treating.

Okay, I will finish up and go carve those pumpkins with the kiddos.


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