Monday, February 23, 2015

A Green Tunic

At first I decided not to blog this one because hey I had just made something very similar (HERE) so there was not that much more to say about it.


.....then Wilma styled it like this the first time she wore it and I thought hmmm, that's pretty neat.
Normally her choice of clothing combinations is not this put alllllll - which is totally fine and part of the charm of being a child, right! But this I really liked.

The fabric is part of Cotton + Steel's Basics collection and I bought is from Miss Matatabi. And yes this is the third post in a row that has fabrics from her lovely shop and I have more coming. It is my first post with Cotton + Steel though, woohoo. Super lovely quality!

I made this one with short sleeves and then a tad longer to make it tunic length.

And that's it...there is really not any more to say that I did not already say in THIS post which contains a mini tutorial on how to transform the original Japanese pattern into this style shirt/tunic.

Thank you!

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