Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Rowan Tee Plus Self-drafted Skirt.

Today I have a bit of a three-in-one post.
Mostly I want to tell you about The Rowan Tee from Titchy Threads designed by Laura (who is also blogging at Craftstorming) because that is an aaaaamazing pattern! Seriously!

But I have also made a self-drafted skirt which is a development from a pair of self drafted pants I made when I participated in Project Run & Play.
The skirt was supposed to be worn with The Rowan Tee but then big sister wanted to join the party so she got to wear it and will join this post further down.

Lastly I feel like I own to show you that thermal knit really is not that difficult to work with. If you read THIS post you will understand what I'm talking about.

SO the Rowan Tee! 
Like any other of Laura's patterns it is pure perfection. It has a ton of options and every single one is thought through and totally works.

I know I have said it before but I always get the feeling that Laura is holding my hand while I'm sewing her patterns. She has thought of everything and I just have to think about which fabric to choose. And of course sew the garment, ha.

This is how I like my sewing patterns!

So this is the hoodie version with a woven shoulder stripe and pocket. HERE is a link to all the options.

And I have made it in this lovely thick organic cotton thermal knit with woven details in organic muslin. Both fabrics from Organic Cotton Plus.

Last time I sewed with the thermal knit it did not behave when I tried to hem a skirt with my sewing machine and I had to hand stitch it. And I wrote that I was pretty sure it would totally work if you just made something where you could hem it with a knit rib.....aaaaand point proven, woohoo.

Here is a close up of the woven shoulder stripe. I also added piping on the hoodie. That is not one of the pattern's options but I got inspired to add that after following the amazing pattern tour Laura hosted in November. See the round up post HERE. I did not want the hoodie stripe on this one so I did a tiny bit of pattern alteration. Easy peasy! 

This is my third Rowan Tee. My oldest daughter and my nephew also got one and they are all in heavy rotation. And I am sorry that I keep repeating myself but when I sew many versions of the same pattern it means it is a fun sew, which again means it is a good pattern...at least in my humble, personal opinion, ha.
A very good pattern!

The self-drafted skirt is super simple!
It is made from cotton sweatshirt fleece from Girl Charlee. The skirt is made from two rectangles. I folded it in more or less random pleats so it fit the more narrow waistband (I think gathering would have made it too bulky) and then added some elastic in the waistband to pull it in the last bit.
The contrast pockets are the same as on the pants I made for my week 2 contribution for Project Run & Play except these also have the contrast piping that I put on the hoodie and then I skipped the button because I wanted a cleaner look.

Here is a close up of the pockets. And W's freezing arms, ooops. We took these photos on one of those bright but coldish winter days before christmas. Yeah, things are moving super fast here on this blog, ha.

So the conclusions are amongst other things: 
The Rowan Tee is an AMAZING pattern,
thermal knit is really not that bad to sew with
my girls can really look like they get along if they get candy afterwards.
(Oh, and yes I am taking a photography class but these photos are taken before that even started, sorry!)

Get your own version of the Rowan Tee HERE.

Thank you!


  1. Your girls are just too sweet. And I actually like your pictures, too. Even without photography class...

  2. your girls are darling!! i love the rowan!

  3. oh I love the bold colors and that skirt is amazingly cool. I never thought of making a fleece skirt! Ummm something to add to my never ending sewing list. Thank you!

  4. Fantastic Rowan! I love the colours and adding the piping is a great detail. The skirt is very lovely and I bet is very warmth and comfy.

  5. Love the bold colors! They are both adorable. Love practical comfortable and fun clothes.

  6. Gosh you're so cool! Love the colors and the piping on the hood of the Rowan. It's just an addictive pattern, I think I made 10 so far :D and that Skirt is lovely, the pockets are so cute! Honestly when I grow up I want to be like you! :D yes because I still have to grow like 20cm to get to your height hahahah and it will totally happen ;) oh and that Candy post just... I totally loveeee it!!

  7. This is such a cool version of the Rowan Tee and a gorgeous skirt. That waffle knit looks so cozy and the contrast details are perfect. I hope you don't mind me saying - E looks so grown up in this post!

  8. Really cool outfits for your two girls!
    The skirt looks super comfy but it is amazingly stylish at the same time. Love it!
    And we all already know the Rowan rocks. I think I might have to give it a try...

  9. The Rowan top looks so comfy. It really is a great pattern. I've made four so far I think. You're the third person to mention organic cotton plus in the past two days. I think it's a sign that I need to shop there? Lol

  10. Love the top and the skirt as well as the colours, very cheerful!

  11. Ha...we do candy after photoshoots too. Love that skirt! And I really need to make a rowan, my kids live in stuff like that anyway! How is the sweatshirt fleece from GC? I haven't noticed that before...!

  12. Mie, everything you make is gorgeous. These gorgeous outfits are not exceptions. I just love the pics of your girls in this photo.


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