Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bubble Shorts by DoGuincho

Shorts in winter? Mais bien sûr!
It's all about the styling!

I have made a pair of DoGuincho's Bubble Shorts.
Beside it being an awesome pattern, it also gives a great result. Two equally important things when we talk sewing patterns, right!

I love that it looks like a skirt but it is really shorts. E never ever wants to wear shorts but these she had no problems sporting.

In fact we had our best photo shoot yet and I saw tons of silly moves and happy smiles.

I originally made these for my almost 7 year old but on a whim decided to photograph them on my almost 5 year old. My girls are basically same size except height so I was not surprised that they fit little sister great too.

It also made me realize that making them longer for winter totally makes sense. In other words I was totally smart without knowing it, ha,

I made them with this knit that I never thought I was going to use for anything. It was one of those online purchases you would never have bought if you had the chance to touch it and realize how thin the quality really was.

The pattern recommends thin and drapy fabric that does not wrinkle too much (because they are almost impossible to iron without ruining the bubble effect). 
HA, this given-up-upon fabric was perfect!
I used navy cotton voile for the lining and elastic waistband.

I would love to make them with some super thin wool too. One day......one day!

I paired them with a long-sleeved t-shirt and jacket from crewcuts, thick sparkly cotton tights from Target and grey boots from the Danish brand Angulus. And the sequin hat.....is actually mine and I have totally forgotten where I bought that, sorry.

I think that covers it, right!
Or maybe I should add that these are SUPER easy and fast to make. 

Buy your pattern HERE.

Thank you!


  1. Love those bubble shorts and your beautiful model!!

  2. Wow, she is so stylish! Super cool!

  3. Great styling my friend!! The shorts are super cute and E looks absolutely adorable in that outfit!!! I bet she also Loved using the sequin hat, I have a little girl who would flip with one of those :D Love the boots

  4. I love those bubble shorts pattern, I've made 2 already but thanks for reminding me I must make a winter pair.

  5. My first bubble shorts by DoGuincho were also a winter version. I made them in velvet and have been wanting to make a courdury version for a while. This pair you made is just gorgeous. love it.

  6. These are super fun Mie! I love the styling too!

  7. Super duper cute. Love it! We can wear shorts with snow suits right? ummm

  8. ridiculously cute!! love how you styled them!

  9. The whole outfit looks amazing, I love the colours and the different textures. Also, I would love that blue jacket for me!

  10. Just bought this pattern a couple of weeks ago!
    Those shorts look so cute on your girl :-)


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