Friday, March 14, 2014

Small Fry Skinny Jeans by Titchy Threads

I am last stop on Titchy Threads' Small Fry Skinny Jeans World Tour...or something like that (together with the amazing ladies Tasha from I Seam Stressed and Celina from Petit a Petit and Family - make sure you do not miss their posts!). 

You can always judge the quality of a pattern on the results of people's sewing (and jeans is not an easy thing to make)....but we have seen one amazing pair of jeans pop up after the other. Yeah, this pattern is amazing!

Flat felled seams, top stitching, zip name it and Laura gives you a clear instruction on how to do it. 

My industrial sewing machine is a dream sewing jeans on and is 'made' for top stitching. I definitely got reminded how (sewing) geeky it is to sew jeans and I totally loved it.

And yeah....I made color block again....I am sorry! I am even boring myself now, ha. But I really really like the mini trend with patchwork jeans (Farrah from Mingo & Grace made an amazing upcycled pair HERE) or what about THESE from GAP or THESE from Comme de Garcons that I have pinned - love! 

I wanted to make a spring version and all the fabrics are fairly light weight and mostly light colored.
For the same reason I was planning on making them with roll ups on the legs so I added bias tape to the lower part of the seams (see photo further down in post) - except the inner seams that are flat felled and already pretty pretty.

I reinforced the zip fly with some bartacks. 

I skipped to decorate the back pockets. I guess the color block was making them busy enough to look at. That is also the reason why I kept most seams with just a single top stitch.

They turn out real pretty on the inside too.

Here you can see the bias tape to make a pretty roll up.....and a bit blurred vision of the flat felled seam from the inside (the seam to the left with the double stitch).

A few close up photos in questionable quality. It was the most beautiful warm spring sunday when I took these photos and I just completely ignored the few things I know about thing is: do not photograph in direct sunlight. 
Yup, good advice....because they turn out like this, ha. But the photo shoot was nice near our little local dam, river and greenway so you know..... 

Get 20% off the Small Fry Skinny Jeans Pattern until March 15th (yes tomorrow so go go go) with code TOUR20.

But don't forget to check out all the other amazing jeans that have been made on this tour. A click on the names below will take you to their blogs.

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Thank you Laura for inviting me and congrats on an amazing pattern!


  1. of course mie puts bias tape on her seams to pretty them up! girl you are amazing!

  2. Don't you dare stop color blocking! You are my color blocking guru. When I need to color block something I always ask "what would Mie do?" (Not joking.)

  3. you are crazy! Crazy wild in a crazy good way. Master of color blocking does it again and your jeans came out soooo fun. Love your color choices too. Very avant-garde. Woohoo!

  4. They are great Mie! Love the mix of colours. I think I need an industrial machine :)

  5. The colour blocking master strikes again. I love these Mie, such a lovely colour combination and so fun. Thanks so much for joining the tour.

  6. These are great, Mie. Lovely color combo! So jealous of your machine that does such beautiful topstitching.

  7. Awesome! Patchwork jean- how fun!

  8. Your sewing skills amaze me, Mie!

  9. really cute! and so many pieces to keep track of with the color blocking. Amazing! the inside of the waistband shot just makes me feel happy ^_^

  10. Thank you for sharing photos of the interior. The inside finishing touches are impeccable!

  11. Love the colour blocking ! So fun!


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