Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Dresses 2013.

Since I have decided to take a small break from blogging the rest of December I have nothing new to share with you. BUT I have this post of my girls' christmas dresses that was  originally posted on Craftstorming as part of Laura and Suz's (Sew pony) The 12 Days of Christmas sewing series.

If you missed the series I will highly recommend you going back to see all the posts. They are made by a group of unbelievable talented ladies and oh boy did they not disappoint.

Here are the links to the round-up posts: 


You can see all the creations in those posts and contain links to the actual posts in the series.

In Denmark, where I am from, we for sure dress up for Christmas but we don't have the tradition like they have here in US, where I live now, to buy or make special Christmas (or birthday or Easter or first day of school for that matter) dresses.

But last year I saw this amazing dress in Target (Harajuku Mini) and I could not help myself. And I must say the joy and happiness those sequin dresses caused did convince me that it was worth the trouble to sew some this year. 
AND it for sure goes well with the step-it-up-theme I am planning for this Christmas, right!

Nothing says party and celebration more than sequins, right! I think so! I bought this beautiful blue and black sequin on black netting at Michael Levine. The same with the star cotton called Constellations by Lizzy House for Andover Fabrics Inc. The orange is a simple cotton voile.

Not long ago I was lucky to be invited to the Pattern Anthology Tour and I remixed Blank Slate Pattern's beautiful Amaryllis dress. You can see the post HERE. And that dress is smart in many ways (like fully reversible fx) but also not having any zippers....and that was exactly what I was looking for. I did not feel like fiddling with a zipper in sequin fabric, nope definitely not feeling that!
I decided to reuse some of my remix features - like the front button placket, the more closed up neckline, the non-pointy shoulders and a bit of high/low effect on the skirt. I put big silver snaps in the placket and I love the edge it gives to the dress.

I made the inner skirt plus the inside of the tie band from orange cotton voile. It is the good old story of not having enough of the original star fabric so I had to improvise.
The front and back bodice plus the back full skirt has black viscose lining on the inside. The front orange voile skirt is folded double (the fold is the hem) so that it is not see through.

And in case you wonder why some of the photos only have my oldest on them.....

........this happened!
Yeah, what can I say.....KIDS!!!!

I am actually surprised I got any even remotely useful photos with both of them because the cry fest started within 5 minutes of the shot. 

But I got dancing.....

....and even hugging.

Christmas is the time of miracles, right!

(or Happy holidays if you do not celebrate christmas.)


  1. Those are some super fun Christmas Dresses! Lovely job and Merry Christmas to you as well!

  2. Beautiful girls and beautiful dresses.. Merry Christmas.

  3. I cannot sew... will you be selling these at any point?


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