Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pattern Anthology Tour - Amaryllis Pattern Remix.

Yup, the circus is in town. 
Okay, or maybe I could just not control myself when I saw this mask in H&M the other day.

The talented ladies from Pattern Anthology have released their new collection Winter Wonderland -
 8 great patterns - most of them unisex - and they have invited me on their tour. Yay!

Over 40 bloggers are invited showing posts in four categories such as kids style, sibling/holiday shoot, scarf tutorials and pattern remix. Fuuuun! You can always go HERE to their gallery to catch up on all the Winter Wonderland posts. And you really should. Holy smokes some amazing things have been posted already and there is MUCH more to come I can promise you that!

I was so happy when I got the pattern remix category. You know I have this bad habit of remixing patterns anyway so this was right up my alley.

I really liked the interesting feature of the wrap and I saw a lot of potential in the relative simple cut.

My initial idea was to make it into an everyday style. And yes of course I was thinking of making it in knit, duh. And it would be AMAZING in knit and I am still planning on doing just day. But I was really not ready for another knit nightmare working with a pattern for woven fabric just yet. Check out THIS post if you have no idea what I am talking about, haha. The dress ended well but the process was, ehhhh let's just call it tedious.

So I started rummaging around in my fabric stash and ahhhh found this soft soft viscose/rayon that I recently bought with a project for myself in mind....ohhhh well, it was too perfect for this project not to use - there went my new dress out the window, ugh.
The fabric have the perfect drape for the full skirt as you can see above.

What did I change from the original pattern?

First of all I skipped to make it reversible. My front and back skirts are only a single layer. The top is still lined though so I could close up the sleeve openings that way. I closed the slit opening in the back and made a front button placket instead. Aaaand a little color block by making a sewn in band around the waist in same width as the tie bands.
I also made the skirt(s) with a bit of a high-low effect.
I closed up the dress a bit in the neck area and I also cut off the 'pointy' shoulders. 
Lastly did I decorate the tie bands with this great neon bias tape which I also used to close up the neckline. 

My daughter loooved this dress and even though I don't have any photos of it, I can guarantee you that it can twirl - big time!

A closer look at the bow. At some point I was kind of regretting this color combination but then I found this neon bias tape in a drawer and it all worked out - well, at least for me. Ha, I needed more color, moooore color.

And there you have it. 

The Amaryllis Dress remixed.

Now don't forget to check out all the other participants, right!

You can buy your own copy of the Pattern Anthology, Winter Wonderland collection HERE.

Thank you so much for inviting me!


  1. I'm in love with this! So perfect!

  2. I really like your color combos the bias tape sets it off nicely.

  3. The neon bias tape is what makes this color combination work so well. This is a great remix!

  4. Darling!!! I love the colors and the remix. Super cute!

  5. Love the colors! And I love the button placket! There's actually not a thing I don't like about this dress. SOOOO cute!

  6. I love your remix! The colors are so fun, and you added great details!

  7. Cute! The colors are great, so bright and cheery! Love the photoshoot too.

  8. This is such a great style for a little girl. The skirt does indeed look like it would twirl a whole bunch - always essential - and the color combo is really bright and fun. Love it!

  9. oh those colors- what is not to love? Can you send me some of that neon tape- please! I really love what you did with the pattern- so much fun and the tie is really fun. Are you thinking of having a third girl? forget the neon tape- send me the dress when it doesn't fit anymore!

  10. I love what you did Mie - and your new header - not sure when you put that in but I'm just now seeing it (too much blog reading on my phone, I think :-)

  11. Simply divine as per usual, I love the colors and the fit, and that adorable little mask!

  12. It's great mie. I love the colours:)

  13. Great color combo, and I too would smooth out pointy shoulders.

  14. Love it Mie! The colors are really great. You were right to add the neon bias tape. It *makes* the outfit! :)

  15. i love this remix! it is so cute! and that mask is adorable!


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