Monday, August 26, 2013

Sew Many Books - The Fashion Version.

Okay, this title requires a bit of explanation!
Today I am over at Nap-Time Creations as part of her Sew Many Books-series. 
Nope, I am not going to tell you which book I have chosen....You have to go look for yourself of course, hehe! And if you actually are coming from the book-post: Welcome!

But what I will tell you is that I struggled with this challenge. Make an item of clothing after a children's book. Why did I struggle? Well, I am not much of a costume person (that is just me - nothing wrong with people that like sewing costumes, okay!!). I like to sew things that are being worn a lot - that is probably why I don't enjoy sewing big party dresses either. I am en everyday clothes kind of person. Soooo what to do? Make the book's character's clothes into something more wearable of course. 
The character is wearing a yellow shirt with 4 big different colored buttons - yeah, that would probably not be worn again, ha!
I found this shirt in the Japanese pattern book Girls Clothing by Akiko Mano and that fit the bill with button placket, collar and collar stand.
I did some changes to the pattern but will not repeat them here since I am telling about them in the post at Nap-Time Crafters.

The fabric is a neon lime green cotton corduroy (Kaufman 21 Wale) and the dot is THE neon dot from Michael Miller that I already have used on SO many project so far and absolutely love. I bought mine at Michael Levine remember?!

After the photo shoot for the book part of this post I removed the big colored buttons that I had just sewed on slightly and with no button holes.
And changed them into these beauties - oh the stripy buttons - from Lots of Buttons.
I absolutely love them.

The pattern has pockets and since Wilma suddenly requests pockets in everything I knew I had to keep them. And I used the dot fabric to create a contrast with them.

I also made some matching leggings. I really did try not to make the outfit too matchy matchy but arghhh it is definitely my weakness. I mean I had this lime knit that just matched the corduroy from the top peeeeerfectly. AH, I could not help it!
You can read all about these leggings and see a lot of other versions in THIS post.


And last but not least I also had the pleasure of a model with attitude. Jeez, those 5 year old ladies.
Don't worry no Mommy/photographer got hurt in this session - it is just a leaf from the tree she is throwing at me - I guess we are done then! Tsk tsk tsk.

Thank you for coming by.

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  1. I love it… I am loving her expressions over there. Too adorable!

  2. Mie - du er fantastisk!!! Virkeligt fint stykke arbejde -både bluse, bog og Wilma :-).


  3. Super cute post. She looks like so much fun =)

  4. Such an adorable top, Mie. It looks great with the black leggings, but even better with the lime green.

  5. Everything about this is just perfect!

  6. What? Where did the glittery tatooes go? You are no fun. :) :) Just kidding. The shirt is super cute. The collar stand with the collar is just perfect. :) (I might be a little obesseed with the collars. I keep inspecting everybody's collar stands. Soon people will start thinking I am crazy. More than usual.)

  7. Such a well made and designed little outfit. Your little Wilma has quite a nice wardrobe!


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