Friday, November 30, 2012

Knock it off.

Today I am not here, I am HERE participating in Elegance & Elephant's great series Knock it Off. In all simplicity I (and a whole bunch of other talented ladies) have been so lucky to be asked to find an outfit, garment, or accessory that we love - and copy it be inspired by it and make it in kid size.
Below you see the pants I made but if you want to see more photos, the pants I am inspired by, a tutorial to draft the type of pocket these pants have and some sewing tips to take it from good to great you have to click HERE.
(And yes that is grosgrain ribbons along the leg - I am kind of obsessed at the moment.)


  1. I discovered your blog through Elegance and Elephants. I love the things you make. Cute! I am your new follower. Stop by when you have a chance. :)


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