I am originally from Denmark but moved with my British husband and two (well, at that time one 7 months baby) to North Carolina 5 years ago. We absolutely love living here.

I am a formally trained seamstress (I think that is the best word to describe it). 
In Denmark that is a 4 year education where you spend some of it in school doing the hardcore sewing training as in "sew as many mens shirts, welt pockets, collar stands and so on until they come out perfect (ahhhhhhh), but also a bit of pattern making. And some of it being a sewing trainee in the real life. I was very lucky being a trainee in a shop north of Copenhagen where everything we sold in the shop was designed and sewed by the owner and us her trainees. We both made ball gowns and everyday clothes and it was for sure the last I personally enjoyed making the most.
The goal with our education, besides being able to sew, was to work with designers. Not only sew their salesmen samples for the sales fairs but also help them choose between different sewing techniques for the details on theirs designs so that the end result matched the price they wanted to sell the clothes for. 

After graduation I worked freelance sewing here and there for different Danish fashion companies. Usually the smaller ones that were starting up and not had their whole production scheme set up yet. When that happens our job usually goes to the factory that also sews the production.

Like so many others I had a dream of designing myself and I made a tiny collection that no shop bought BUT one shop made a order on the condition only to pay for it when she actually sold it in her shop and I would get the rest back when the season was over. Ha, what a deal! I had no money for a production so I sewed it all myself - don't worry it was a tiny order ;-)
But I was young and was ready to make another collection and that went a tiny bit better and a shop or two actually agreed to pay for the clothes when they received it. Ohhh what luck. I still sewed it all myself and man what that hard work...and kind of boring - phew.
I ended up meeting someone who helped me setting up my production in Lithuania which was a big relief. I will never forget the feeling of opening those boxes full of my clothes. BEST EVER!!
I was growing veeery slowly and I am a TERRIBLE business woman. Oh dear! I wanted the best fabrics and great qualities but I did not wanted to have too high prices - going against everything I learned, ha! It was very uphill the whole way and when I became pregnant with my oldest daughter Wilma in 2007 it was an easy decision to close the company and get ready for motherhood. No income, 12-14 hour work days and my first baby did not feel like the right mix for me.

Well, then we got the opportunity to move here, we had another girl Evelyn who is 3.5 years old, and in spring 2012 when the worst baby craziness was over, I discovered all these sewing blogs via project Run & Play and realized there was this whole sewing and blog community and I was very interested. 
All my sewing friends was back in Denmark and my new friends was not sewing so I started Sewing Like Mad and even though it took a bit to feel like I belonged I must say this spring and summer have been fun. 
I have meet so many new friends, learned soooo many new things, realized how many things I still don't know - can you say photography, editing, lightning, graphic design, HTML (arghhhhhh), sponsors oh and quilting (hello, brand new world) and so on and on -  but I am pretty much enjoying almost every minute of it - almost, ahem...

That is all for me.
Thank you SO much for stopping by and please come back again!


  1. Well done katty. Your first comment is by your husband but he likes your blog very much.

  2. Hi Mie
    You did it! And very nice one indeed :)
    I really love all your work.
    Make sure to brand it, it's worth a lot when the clothes starts popping every where.
    See you on wednesday.
    Hugs Tine

  3. Hi! I really loved reading your story. So real and honest. And of course I love your blog!


  4. Whoa! What an exciting story! Just found your blog. I would love to follow such a course...you must have learned tons!


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