Monday, January 28, 2013

My inner Grandma.

This dress is definitely part of my inner Grandma-style. I have had this dress in my head for a while - at least kind of this because like I have said before, designs change for me during the process. I wanted to make a loose jersey dress with some kind of gathered waist, snaps all the way down, a shoulder yoke and a ribbon neck. The color block only came in the process. I have actually drafted the pattern with snaps all the way down but right before cutting I got nervous that the elastic shirring would pull the front opening from each other and decided to cut the front waist and skirt piece to fold. I have already cut another one (with one of the fabrics I bought from and this time I am putting snaps in top AND skirt piece....I think that will look cool too(?)

This dress is made on the most magical day. Remember in my last post where I was complaining about not having the time and energy to draft new more complicated patterns from scratch at the moment?? Well, I guess it helped to give me the needed push because I started the following friday evening (yes, ME the most sleepy evening bear worked in the evening) and after getting up saturday morning I went straight to the sewing room and worked almost non stop on it. Finishing the first draft, cutting and sewing a muslin, having the fitting on Wilma, making the changes on the pattern after fitting, finishing the final pattern, cut the dress and then FINALLY sewing 10 pm it only needed snaps and hemming.
I have not since I had Wilma 5 years ago sewed that much in a day. Where was the kids you might wonder? Well, they were around and that was what I meant about the most magical day. They suddenly played really well together for more than 15 minutes at a time or happily by themselves. Don't worry they did get fed and attention when they needed it.    

I love how the color from the yoke continues out on the top of the sleeve. I originally drafted the sleeve to be loose and then gathered with a wrist ribbon cuff and that is why fittings are so smart (ahem). Because the dress is so loose a more narrow sleeve looked better to me.

Wilma loves this dress and even though it is a bit hard to see on these photos the colors scream dress-for-a-redhead. She is beautiful in it and even though I am definitely not going to look like Wilma in it I still want one myself. Let's cross fingers for another magical day soon!

I tried my new twin needle for the first time and as you can see on the hemming it made it a bit bulky between the two stitches. I could not seem to solve the problem not even with ironing. I wonder if anyone have any advice? My own would have been to loosen the tension for the bobbin thread....normally there would be a little screw to do that....but my JUKI domestic machine does not have that (I think???). Anyone??

Stay tuned for another version of the dress in THIS fabric....paired with two other colors. Do you want to take a guess at those two other colors?? Sorry there is no prize but lots of RESPECT if you can read my mind.....and a little bit spookiness I guess. Oh, and maybe your own TV show...who knows these days, right!?

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  1. What a great creation, Mie, and I'm so happy you found a real sewing happy place (and in the evening no less...good for you)!! I love it when my children play together well enough to give me some time at my machines...doesn't happen often at the ages they are at now, though!!

    1. I know Heidi...and you have an even younger one than mine....but now we know that there is hope ahead!

  2. This dress is adorable! With the other fabric, me personally, I would pair it with orange (to bring the orange out) and a slate grey. Then again, those are the two colors I have in my stash that I think would look incredible with it! I can't wait to see the finished product. Do you sell your patterns? :D

    1. Wow let me just say this: You might get your own reality show if I had the right people read this pretty much nailed it. Well, it is orange and a grey that in a certain light can look a bit beige...can't think of what to call that color right now (taupe?)...but you will see right soon for yourself ;-) I don't sell my patterns because I have no idea what to do with them after I draft know all the technical stuff to make them electronic. But I would love to one day!

  3. Wow Brie I just love this. So fashion forward! Totally LOVE this.....

  4. Both dresses are gorgeous! I absolutely love the fox fabric. I hem knits with twin needle, and I know what you mean, the seam can become a little bulky. I put tissue paper or tear away stuff used for embroidery (Can't think of a name, let me know if you have no idea what I am talking about. :) )between the machine and the fabric and it seems to help. :)

    1. Oh thank you Olga. I will give that a try!

  5. I just love how the yellow flows from neckline, to shoulder to the arms, Mie... very effective!!! An adorable dress, that looks super comfy as well.

  6. I love this dress! It's totally playful for a child to wear and yet I would wear it too. That's hard to achieve!


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