Monday, August 19, 2013

Announcing Sewing for Kindergarten series and sew along.

Eeeek, here we go! My first ever series! Okay, calm down Mie, more precisely today is the announcement for my very first series: Sewing for Kindergarten.
It is for sure fun to work behind the scenes and arrange a series, finding the participants, trying to get sponsors but telling the world (okay okay blog land!) about it is certainly a little bit more fun.

I guess it would have made sense if I got the inspiration for the this series because my oldest daughter starts in Kindergarten this year (which she does!) BUT I had absolutely no plans of making her anything specific. Yup, THAT kind of Mom, ha!
What inspired me was actually the most inconsistent blogger I know, the lovely Chelise Patterson - I mean her last post is like from April - but oh that Easter dress with the sequin collar!!! So! she posted a photo on Instagram with the coolest t-shirt she made for her daughter Drew for Kindergarten. And I love, like L.O.V.E. everything she makes and I really wants her to blog some more so I thought lets make a series, invite her and get her going again...... Okay, not quite so (but that would have been fun too) but it made me think about that there must be other sewing bloggers with kiddos that start in Kindergarten. I started asking around and you have no idea what a group of superstars I have got my hands on for this series. WOW, I am blown away.
See for yourself below. Click on the names to check out their blogs but please come back because there is so much more, okay!!

So these lovely ladies are going to show us an outfit or more on their blog for the next almost 4 weeks that they have made for their kindergartner. And what is extra fun is that we have all types of kindergartners. The traditional ones, the home schooled ones, the ones who have to wear a uniform (but the participant is going to show what she would have put on them if they did not have to wear a uniform - we are all allowed to dream, right.) and we have a few aunts sewing for their nieces starting in Kindergarten. We even have a Danish one who will be 6 years old because that's when we (they ;-) start in 'børnehaveklasse' as we call it in Danish. 
We are going to see school and kid appropriate everyday clothes with the twists that someone who sews has the chance to do. Quite frankly it is the type of clothes that I enjoy to do the most.

And I hope you enjoy it too because here comes the bonus (besides the giveaway that is also starting today - new post. Too much to cramp into this one!). 
YOU can sew for your child, upload to the 3 Flickr groups - Pre-school, Elementary and Middle/high school (they might be uploading themselves in this group. How cool would that be?!) 
I promise that I in the end I will show case a lot of your work from the Flickr groups here on the blog. Gosh, I really hope you are in to this so there will be something to show, please!

The Flickr groups are already open (links further down). The end date of the sew along is going to be kept a bit open because of a certain competition Project Run & Play that I unexpectedly but very happily has been invited to compete in basically the same time as this series will run. But when I get the boot from PR&P I will, together with the series contestants, be able to concentrate on finding a winner from each of the 3 groups.
I am sorry if that all sounds a bit confusing - please ask if I need to clarify something! 
What is NOT confusing is the prizes. HELLO!!!
See below for the amazing sponsors. EACH group winner will win ALL of these things.

I KNOW!!!!
So is anyone still with me or have you run off to start up the sewing machine?
Because if you are still here, here are the links to the 3 Flickr Groups.
They are going to be on my sidebar during the whole time too so you can easily find them.

And there is also a button for you to put on your blog (if you have one) and feel like that sort of things. I would love if you did! 
And feel free to share the love too if you think you know someone who would enjoy to sew along. Remember Grandmas can sew for their grandchildren too. The only thing that count is that the child wearing the homemade school and kid appropriate clothes is actually belonging to the group their photo has been uploaded to. AND that the clothes has been made within the last three months from this post is published.

Sewing Like Mad

SO what was that thing about a GIVEAWAY? Yup, I got one of those too!
Jump HERE to participate.

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This competition is open to international participants but please know that free shipping is NOT included (for either US or international addresses except Gold Star Tool that always has free shipping to US addresses. Lots of Buttons has free shipping if you buy for over $20 and Girl Charlee if you buy for over $99 - but again US addresses ONLY). So whatever you buy for your three gift cards you will have to pay shipping for wherever you live. You can of course use your amount of the gift card for shipping but will get less goodies then.


  1. Woohoo!! Just the butt-kickin' I need to get my sewing done. My young man is going to grade one and I've been meaning to sew him at least a hoodie.

  2. I'm so excited for this! My little kindergartener niece started her first day today! I can't wait to call her and see how it went.

  3. I'm so excited for this series! I'm still sewing a few things for my daughter who starts Kindergarten on Wednesday. (nothing like the last minute!) Thanks for a fun series, Mie!

  4. ooh, might join in this Sew along! Not done one before, but always sewing for my preschooler! x

  5. Jeg er så glad for at læse din blog. Jeg hedder Vita. Min mor var fra Silkeborg. min mand og jeg bor i Florida nu med vores to børn. Jeg vil være glad for at læse mere af din blog.

  6. OOh I really want to participate in this! I have a not niece heading off to kindergarden and she thinks she needs a new wardrobe! :D

  7. oh wow!!! thats awesome! Can't wait to follow along and see it all!!! I'd love to participate if you do this again another year :o) Off to enter the giveaway now! Emily

  8. I think I'm in ! My kids have a day in a week that they don't need to wear their uniforms

  9. I'm so excited for this! I've been so inspired to sew up a storm for my son's first day of pre-school! I'm totally joining in. One quick question though, does the child actually have to be wearing the clothing in the picture in the FLICKR group? We tend to limit the number of pictures of our kids on the web. I can always do creative cropping, but I was wondering. Thank you for the sew along!

    1. Good question! You can do want you want but personally I would rather see the clothes worn with the kids' faces cropped out or blurred than just hanging/lying because you can get a much better feel of the clothes when someone is wearing it. But no requirement ;-)

    2. Thank you! I'll work on creative cropping and poses then! It will be good practice anyhow. Cheers!

  10. Sounds great, I'll try to sew along! What are the ages of the different categories approximately?
    Being Dutch, our school system is somewhat different and I'm not familiar with the divisions made. My 3yo is at "peuterspeelzaal", two mornings a week, more a play group than school, I think that comes before your kindergarten? My 5yo has spent a year and a half at "kleuterschool" (I guess that is the same as kindergarten, it's the first real school) and is now moving up to what we call 3rd grade, where kids first learn to really read and write, I think that's elementary? What is middle school then?
    Anyway, love the idea and looking forward to all creations!

    1. So your 3 year old for sure belongs to the preschool category. Your 5 year old sounds like elementary (which is Kindergarten to 5th grade). Middle school/high school is 6th to 12th grade.
      Thank you!

    2. Thanks for the clarification!

  11. Just reading about this for the first time today - so glad I haven't missed too much. x


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